Women Are Like Roses

Published June 18, 2020 by tindertender

We are told how beautiful we are.

How desirable.

Yet if we do not comply with the instruction, we will be punished.

They love the flower, yet abhor the thorns.

The thorns that keep you safe.

The thorns created by interaction with the brutalizer.

The one who demands you be completely vulerable.

Open to abuse.

Or available for the demand.

Should you not comply, beatings will be frequent, and brutal.

Should you decide to comply, the beatings will be fewer,

Yet still there.

Does freedom in Love exist?

Or does Love make us slave …

To the others needs,

Forget our own,

Be a servant,

Who will not be served.

Or walk away,

Or fight,

For freedom.

For the truest, purest Loving Energies.

Yes, women are like roses.

Don’t you dare remove your thorns you beautiful creature.

Preditors are everywhere.

The thorns were given you for protection.

Keep them.

Allow them to shred those who attempt to hamper or destroy you.

Let your beauty rise.

Shine, you glorious beauty.

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