Thoughts Today, 4-20-2020

Published April 20, 2020 by tindertender

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I see a lot of posts on social media these days about how stupid some people are being, how some are putting others at risk. I am no exception. I see the anger, mistrust, division and the rebellion. I have succumbed to it too. I am aware that if the white house had come out and said let us all come together and be helpful to each other that it would not be as bad as it is. I am aware that the white house’s words lit a fire of dissent.

I have given it a lot of thought and spoke to many folks, and read many things about it all. It was not until I read the words of Wylden Freeborne that it hit me. He said we are grieving. Those words made the light go on for me.

It allowed me to consider how the mass consciousness of the world is affecting us all, why we see the black cloud, feel the fear, anger and, uncertainty and then act the way we do.

Wylden Freeborne is right, we are grieving. Grieving the loss of life, and our way of life and our liberties. We are also in a living trauma. Just going shopping these days is a trauma.

More than that, the biggest fear the world has right now is the fear none of us want to admit or speak out loud.

That there is no one person in control, there is no one person to blame and we are living in the unknown.

Psychologically think of just an individual that is experiencing all that on their own. Our compassion for them may be a bit different then. We may think My gosh, poor fellow lets get them help. Let us show them they are not alone, let’s do something kind.

We complicated humans are not equipped to deal with the mass of the world experiencing that all at once. So it turns to dissent, hate, blame, separation, conspiracy and more. It is in our nature to blame another when we are living in the unknown. It gives us a false sense of control and a focus that grounds us as we try to make sense of that which does not make sense.

Down deep we all know we need to be kinder and gentler and we desire that for all. But how do we do that when it all feels so crazy?

AWARENESS will help, not solve it all, but make it smoother.

If we go forward in our day with others with the awareness that they too are experiencing and acting out their trauma and grief; that it is not personal, that they too are suffering; and use our compassion and understanding as we encounter each other in person or online we can begin to disperse this black cloud that has touched us all.

Many Blessings to all!

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