Published April 8, 2020 by tindertender

Hatred runs deep in the hearts of Americans. I see it plain.

All while they preach togetherness … and pick apart everyone else’s decisions. May they someday bear the brunt of their own mouths and hearts.

The President of the United States is fighting a battle. An invisible battle that is far more dangerous than Covid-19.

All while fighting the very people he is trying to save.

Bernie has dropped from the race. The democratic favorite is Biden. A man who cannot keep his hands off the young girls. A man who cannot, ever, formulate a sentence which makes sense.

This is the nominee of choice for those blinded by hatred. The blind, being led by the dim-witted, by choice.

His vice-president will be the acting President should he win. So why not just set this runner be as the presidential runner? Because it is a female most likely.

A cloned Hillary perhaps? The real Hillary is no longer living, just her puppet. But this puppet will be instructed to tell you how to live.

If we elect this president again, something will happen for he is dismantling every vile asset they constructed. And the vile ones have you eating hatred out of their hands like hungry children.

All while those who hate our president are blind to the rescuing going on. Like they want it to go back to ‘normal’ … unseen, unheard, non existent. Problem is, those in the dungeon are very real and living in hell, while asshole folks want him to stop freeing them.

The enemy has unleashed this virus purposefully. It was meant to destroy America. And yet Americans want to blame the one fighting to free them.

Are they really that daft? That blinded by opinion, perceptions of the past, irrelevant to the present situation.

Band together now or forever hold your peace. You are begging to become even greater slaves than before.

And you are willing to harm the one person who is willing to try and help you.

I’m about ready to do what my father has done, and just throw up my hands, stand back, and watch you all line up for your chosen future.

Perhaps most Americans really are fools.

Incapable of seeing through their self-constructed blockages, kept safe by barriers of fuming hatred and self-righteousness.

No better than that which they despise.

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