Published March 26, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Hello, my friends. Today I’ll be reviewing the Law of One for those who are new to it, as well as describe how we’ve been teaching it here on your planet.

The Law of One is a short term for “The Law of the One Infinte Creator.” It is the only universal law of the Creator. All other cosmic laws come from creation, as souls try to develop rules to get along, and oppress the free will of those they don’t agree with.

The Law of One is a short term for “The Law of the One Infinte Creator.” It is the only universal law of the Creator. All other cosmic laws come from creation, as souls try to develop rules to get along, and oppress the free will of those they don’t agree with.

It’s easy to see that if everyone modeled the Law of One in their own lives, there would be no need for other laws or rules. The Law of One will be modeled for those of you who are going to Fourth Density positive, as you learn to live in Unity Consciousness.

Throughout the 5 million years since life was first seeded on this planet, you were sent many teachers to help you learn the Law of One. Among them was Jesus, who only taught the Law of One, using Abrahamic terms of his day. Other stuff got added to his message by his disciples.

Another teacher was Mohammed. He taught the Law of One as well, in terms of his day. Again, as happened with Jesus’s message, Mohammed’s message was distorted to become a control system of religion.

Another teacher was Buddha. Buddha taught the Law of One very specifically, and his message remains less distorted in many ways. Another teacher was “Ra,” who appeared in Egypt nearly 25,000 years ago to teach the Law of One.

“Ra” is the name of both an individual soul, and the soul group which he leads, the “Ra Social Memory Complex.” A social memory complex is a soul group of a higher density which has unified its energy to become an “oversoul.”

Ra the individual and members of Ra the soul group started their paths as souls on the planet Venus. They lived underground. Their bodies evolved from bird forms, as yours evolved from the primate form here. They are blue beings.

Ra and his group arrived in Egypt to try to teach the Law of One, to try to counter what the Annunaki were teaching in Atlantis. They arrived from the sky. They told the people they were from a planet near the sun. The people then began to worship them, thinking they were gods.

None of us who work in the higher realms ever want to be worshipped. Our souls are just like your souls. There are no spiritual elites. Ra’s beautiful intent to teach the Law of One created karmic bonds to humanity, as Ra tried to correct the misunderstandings of the people.

Ra has worked for all of the time since then, when they were members of your guardians alliance, to try to teach the Law of One, and correct the misunderstandings and worship of “Ra, the Sun God,” which of course does not exist.

The term “density” refers to the level of consciousness of a soul group. Humanity is a Third Density soul group. The “density” refers to the dense intensity of the energetic veils that permit information to come to you, as you evolve in your path to higher consciousness.

Since they were in Egypt, Ra has headed the Ra Confederacy, which are the members of your guardian alliance of the fifth and sixth densities. Members of seventh density soul groups also interact with the Ra Confederacy, as do those of fourth density.

Ra still has a large delegation incarnated here among you, as they always have. They are in human bodies, just like you are. In full awakening, they teach the Law of One, and help to awaken you.

Ra also continues to work with you from beyond this dimension. They have a group of healers I’ve discussed in the past, called the Ankenash, who many energy healers work with. Perhaps not knowing who they are. They are very big blue beings who some of you see as you heal.

The one known as Valiant Thor was a Ra soul, who came to try to work directly with your US government, to no avail.

Back in the eighties, a group of souls who were from the Ra Confederacy began to develop their gifts of channeling, and started to realize they could talk to those beyond this place. They channeled the Ra Material, from Ra, who again wanted to teach the Law of One.

The Ra Material is available free online. It describes the Law of One. It talks about how free will is required of all creation. Only in true free will can souls develop as individuals. Souls choose their own paths.

The material describes how the two paths of Service to Others or Service to Self play out for individuals, and the soul groups they create, around these two “polarities.” Unfortunately, the Ra Material is very difficult reading.

Do you need to read the Ra Material to understand the Law of One? No. The Law of One only has the four points I described above. As I’ve said before, no special knowledge or information is required of anyone to ascend as a soul.

Jesus again describes the Law of One, in terms relatable to those who are acquainted with the Abrahamic religions, in the Letters of Christ we have been discussing. All there is to the Law is love forgiveness, and nonjudgment of yourself and all others.

Choosing to live the Law of One necessarily requires one to understand that if the Creator is willing to give all of us free will, we also need to do the same. No, that does not mean that you have to allow yourselves to be hurt by others.

Forgiveness is the only way to break karmic bonds that result when one harms you. Forgiveness is the key to moving on after you have been hurt. No human justice will ever do for you what forgiveness and love will do for you, as you heal from your traumas.

As you determine whether to set yourself free from the bonds of your past, I urge all of you to see what you could do for yourselves if you dealt with each other with the Law of One, rather than fear, accusations, and violence. Reach across the divides in love.

A few of you modeling the Law of One will spread out energetically and provide the energy of change for humanity. Just those of you who are here with me could lead humanity to a bright, productive future, rather than a violent one.

You are all so very loved and valued by the Creator, as well as by me, and all those who are working here on your behalf from other realms. You each are important to humanity’s future. What you do individually matters very much.

Today, focus on getting yourself to the New Earth, by learning and developing Service to Others polarity by inviting the Law of One to change your life. It will be worth it for you, as well as all with whom you come in contact. Much love to you all, even the haters among you.

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