Are You Ready?

Published December 24, 2019 by tindertender

Are you ready to bend to the will of others? Those who see you as ‘property’ to dispose of as they see fit? Murder, sacrifice, call it what you want, it is not of love to anything but the greed and need to control everything around them.

Are you ready to submit everything you have ever loved due to it being consider ‘sacrilege’ in their eyes, in their religion?

It is not a game. It is quite serious. And all is about to come to a head.

Who do you pledge your allegiance to?

Mine goes to Dog.

Dog has loved me faithfully, unerringly, unequivocally as time progressed. To this point, no one has loved me as purely as those who have laid at my feet in utter vulnerability, loving me despite a bad mood, loving me even when I was not perfect in my care for them.

I will fight for them with everything that I am.



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