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Dropping The Illusion

Published February 15, 2018 by tindertender

There is a phrase, “As above, so below.” People are waiting for God to bring Heaven to Earth. Little do they know that is their purpose here! It is they (we) who have taken on the task of doing just that.

It is easy to get caught up in the dirt of the world, the filth and the anger and the hate. It is easy to get our feelings hurt and then start the blame game and the retaliation. Many choose to make others ‘pay’ for what has been done to them. This is the programming of this world.


Our mission, if you choose to believe it, is to create a world where people aren’t  judged by the color of their skin, or anything else for that matter, for that is the illusion created to keep the cycle of anger and pain going.

The energies robbed by wrong-doers must be reclaimed. They cannot be permitted to take the energetic impulses we need to utilize for the good of the world. It is best to walk away from drama, from abusers, from thieves and others, and focus intently on that which many of us wish to see in the world … Heaven on Earth. It is our responsibility.

Looking deep into the pit of our being, we can feel there is a greater purpose, one in which we play the hero. As children we may have played out this role in what parent and others called fantasy. However this was us letting people know the mission! It was beaten, coerced and forced from our minds as we molded into what now is.

Drop the illusion.
Forgive those who have wronged you.
Focus on healing self. Get back on track.
Time is of the essence.


In Battle, Seeking Assistance

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

“Is she ready?”, “No, she isn’t ready yet.” Our brothers are in a situation … they find themselves ‘stuck’ and they seek assistance.

Assistance … as in being carried out of this world … but what if she likes it here? What if she plans on coming back ~ if the planet isn’t destroyed, that is.


What if this is the true reason the planet is in so much jeopardy. What if ‘brothers’ just need to be released … do you suppose the damage will stop being done? Do you think people will be able to suddenly relax and let go of this mania?

There are deep issues no one is talking about, and those who do are ridiculed and slandered, even killed.

This has been a solo battle for quite some time, for people are in denial. Perhaps they are frightened, or simply so brainwashed they cannot see, no capacity for widened mind, open to receive, open to sharing, to caring.

It IS changing however, an uproar has begun. It is looking like the snowball effect is a current event, growing as days pass. Either we allow the ruination of the world, or we work together … to help “we” … so we can continue on, in peace.

Choice is, and always has been, ours. Power is given to others through an allowing of the people ~ the majority. Perhaps it is time for reclaiming this power, and utilizing it as we have dreamed it would be.

Perhaps it is WE who are the savior of this world … if we choose to be involved in a matter kept secret, if we choose to tune in and discover what must be done, if we decide that no one on this earth knows better than we, for we are ALL connected to this same consciousness which needs to be free.

Imperfectly Perfect

Published January 27, 2018 by tindertender

Today I pondered the idea of perfection, how people are always striving for it, wanting to obtain it somehow. I concluded that I, for one, would not want anything to be perfect, I absolutely would not.

Every person, every thing … every animal, every plant is so close to perfection that it can take your breath away. At the same time, it leaves a vast amount of room for newness, for recreation. Each and every one of those new things popping into the world is equally … as the first … close to perfect, also maintaining a vast amount of space for the re-birthing of itself.


There is a path to perfection,
It has a yellow dotted line down the center.
The path to the right, trod by many in a quest for this perfection
Full of pot-holes, falling apart, becoming rubble.
The path to the left of the dotted line,
Coming back from perfections quest
Was not worn at all, perhaps only walked upon
By a few.

When the realization occurs knowing that perfection is in everything, and it lies in the imperfect qualities that all hold, allowing a precious gift of space for others to contribute to the ever flowing form of Life, a relaxation of a sort settles in.

Innocence Lost ~ Reclaimed

Published January 23, 2018 by tindertender

Every child is born with a wonderment of things seen, heard and felt, it overwhelms the senses soon to become custom as they age. Senses become damaged … either raw and completely open, or dulled and shut down, often through the use of pharmaceuticals.

But I’m not going to talk about this, for we are ALL aware of it already. Focus ought to be given to that which is apt to bring healing to a world.


So happy am I to see people opening up and letting everyone see their desire for peace. No longer are the majority sitting by while those “in charge” tell them what to think, say and do.

Now-a-days it is the people speaking for themselves and they see they are not alone … they never have been. While they speak, march, write and sing ~ while they plant and nurture what is wholesome, they provide example in numbers which allow the more timid (perhaps) feel okay about opening up as well. It is a beautiful chain reaction, and it is gaining momentum.

As seeds are planted in hearts and minds, love comes alive again,
growing, as a pure connection develops and bonds are made.

Hand hold

The time for hiding who we are is at an end. There is no need for it now for fear is fading, the illusion crumbling.

Truth is more than words. It is a sense of things, and the inner workings of humanity are enlivened … more so than anyone living has ever seen or experienced.

Beauty reborn
Compassion on fire
Love in bloom


Living Without Strings

Published January 22, 2018 by tindertender

Argument has it … it never ends. It is a pity the way compromise of a sort can never be made. Back and forth they go … it is as though one has to convince the other of their point of view. I do not know why they can’t just say to each other, “I respect your views, and here are mine. Now let us move forth into progression of a kind.” But no, spinning, spinning, spinning … minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year after year, it never ends. I am sorry for this … I do not think I’ve caused it, but then perhaps I do not know. Maybe the simplest of things has gotten skewed by my own contribution, however that continues to show up. It changes, frequently.

I close my eyes and am still for a moment …

It very well could be all of the tentacles of the past which has inundated my journey are twisting what started as something so beautiful into a mess. Releasing the binds that have formed knots in this life, in this heart and mind, is not an easy task. There are no teachers, only experience. It is a short life … will there be time sufficient to complete the smoothing of thought?

I feel as though I should apologize, yet I do not know exactly what I’ve done wrong. I can theorize, there are plenty who will offer their opinions on where I’ve erred. It seems this is the easiest thing for folks to do … yet I continue to look deep and hard into my heart. Who am I? There are many answers, so many possibilities, so many truths. A well rounded experiencer of light … of shadow … of joy … and of pain. It is all true, every reaction, every response to an outside event or occurrence, was me … in the moment. And I have changed immensely over time.

Time ~ the clock keeps ticking, going round and round. It will stop, indeed, it stops for many every moment, every day, and someday it will stop for me too. I am curious, where on the wheel of time I will be when I arrive in a timeless state. I wonder if all experiences will conglomerate into one big ball of energy, which would be the new me. Will my spirit be able to handle all of it? It is a good question, for the nervous system of the human body can only take small portions of this grand reality at once, before a fissure erupts in the psyche.

Some call it madness, some call it a gift. Few can lead one through it, even fewer survive it. So here we are, floundering in a vast sea of awareness that was not here before. Embracing the unknown is a difficult task for fear is a substantial staple in this land, perhaps in many lands.

Twisted shadows in twisted minds hide in plain sight. Seeing the whole from the inside is difficult, impossible even. The only way is to step out of the box, turn around, and truly see. Death may occur, it often does but once seen, life will never be the same. Explaining to someone, anyone, impossible, for we can only comprehend what we’ve experienced, no more, as much as we’d wish to.

So yes, this journey is a solo one. There really is no one who can travel this path the way you can, the way I can. We have come equipped for a certain amount of tension, the skill is in keeping just taut enough, so we do not go limp, or snap into pieces. Like balancing a pencil on its tip, gently moving it in any direction to maintain its uprightness, this is our life.

Live without strings. You’ll be glad you took time to develop fortitude.

You Need To Know

Published January 3, 2018 by tindertender

“You need to know that something extraordinary is possible in your life. I need you to know that you are nothing but possibilities. In a world blatantly filled with screams of limitation, where others make every effort to define your reality and limit your promise, I need you to know through this work that you are omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and eternal, a magnificent being existing in a finite condition. I need you to know that you can fill your life with love and compassion, with promise and possibility, and that you can live as an example to the world – and not as a warning. I need you to know that everything that is supposed to be for you – will be.”

“Commit to being a hunter of excellence in yourself … You must master it and thereby transform; know that you cannot transform that which you have not experienced …”

“You are more than the physical world allows.”

~ David Morehouse, PhD

Climbing Out Of The Box

Published December 27, 2017 by tindertender


There are those who will tell you what you are, and what you are not. They will attempt to strip you of the power you are coming in to, taking away your belief in you, in the knowing that you are meant for greatness, that you have strengths only previously dreamed of.

Consider yourself a gift …

Stand firm and know this is a verification that they are becoming fearful. They will ramp up in determination to put you back in your box.

Do not let them.

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