Puppet Mastery of Delusion

Published May 14, 2023 by tindertender

This realm is duality. There must be balance between good and evil.

If you are hypnotized and manipulated to do something which brings negativity down on you, you can be certain the programmer of said experience is enjoying the opposite, the blessing meant for you … but they flipped the script on you and stole your abundance.

Those negative actions belong to the hypnotist. They need you to do bad so they can receive good.

Stop it. Don’t take the bait of chaos.

Stay calm. Continue positive thinking and being in the world. Don’t be goaded into anger or revenge or despair.

Let those manipulated thoughts and instincts return to sender. Reject chaos! It’s the puppet masters mutation of your energy.

They need you to do their dirty deeds so they can have your blessings.


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