Pain Journey

Published May 4, 2023 by tindertender

Don’t ever wish for another’s pain in their heart to go away. Don’t try to fix or remove it, or hurry it away. Don’t wish for them to be just happy, over it; okay.

For this pain holds essential truth for them. It holds the very seeds of the healing their soul needs, even if they don’t consciously know that themselves. At some deep unfathomable level, in a place that’s unseen and unknown, a quiet wisdom is working away, sowing the necessary seedlings for that person’s soul’s next steps. Their pain IS the essential soil of that healing. So to wish it away or gone or over already, is to stop growth in its tracks.

Everyone’s soul works on its own time. It must never be hurried or denied. Honouring this simple yet profound truth is the best type of support you can give to someone in pain. To be a solid yet soft presence in their life, holding consistent attention and love for them, is the most “doing” you ever need to offer them as they journey forward at their own pace and in their own way.

~ Angela Dunning

Artwork by Carol Spicuzza

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