Published April 16, 2023 by tindertender

I’ve been in a holding pattern for months, waiting for a targeted move-in date to actually turn out to be a reality. 3 targets missed over the last 6 months, House nearly all packed during that time.

I also feel this holding pattern spiritually. Big things are happening both in the seen world and the unseen.

Patiently I wait. I think about the transition a lot, new beginnings … the omega, followed by the alpha.

I’ve visualized the fresh growth of spring … in mind, and now with the actual growth seen all around me.

Something’s about ready to pop, like a bud opening, it’ll happen quickly. And so I wait … with patience, as suggested.

It feels like I’m not doing anything while waiting, but it seems, to DO anything right now would be wasted effort. It feels like the gears are all aligned and the wheels are turning and there isn’t anything I can do to speed the process … all pieces of the puzzle are coming into alignment.

Patience … I’ve been singing the song of patience since 2004.

“Time” isn’t the same for everyone.

Some are beyond time. Soon, many of us may be.

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