Published March 24, 2023 by tindertender

I recently did a number on myself trying to rid my body of muscular parasites. I did a good job, even though it made me sick for a couple weeks. Barely any muscle twitching at all. I think ivermectin will have more affect nowadays.

Last night I dreamed of sweeping out my ”house” (body representative). It was a large travel mobile home (RV). I was sweeping out debris, broken glass, putting everything back in order. There were a few “people” in my home still, and there were some outside who wanted in.

I still have work to do, but this dream tells me I cleansed my body of the majority of the disruptors and interferers.

Next cleanse will be more gentle.

I think parasites are a form of low vibrational “demons” that infest a “host” and feast on the life force and essence of the host.

I’m pretty upset that the medical field, having full knowledge of parasite infestations in the body, agreed to Rockefeller renaming of symptoms as “diseases” and treat the symptoms, but don’t address the actual cause.

Many cancers and so-called diseases ARE parasite infestations. The medical “professionals” failed the people miserably… all for profit.

As people age, the likelihood of them having muscular parasites increases over 90% (my estimate). These parasites feast on the muscle mass, causing “marbelling” of the muscle. It’s one reason older people lose muscle mass, becoming weakened, and age quickly, getting sick more often.

A list ::

We are over 70% water.
The waters are infested with parasites.
We are the river of life.
It is our responsibility to cleanse and purify these waters.

I dreamt once of a man, woman and child. They were in the river of life, on a floating raft of sorts.
Parasites were sucking the life out of them all.
The man was dying, or dead. The woman was asleep. The infant was still moving around.

We must purify the waters of life that we are.

Shame on doctors in the medical field who left human beings vulnerable to parasitic infestation.

They betrayed the human species.

B17/Bitter apricot seeds :: for cancer and parasites ::

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