Idol Worship

Published March 12, 2023 by tindertender

There is a difference between being entertained, and worshipping the entertainer.

I’m not religious. I was raised in an abundant forested area. My guardians never spoke of God, or anything holy. We did not have tv, we did not have money for concerts or movies. I fell in love with the life which surrounded me … the waters, the trees and bushes of the forest, the animals which lived there from the creepy crawlies to the elk, cougar, bear and birds, the songsters and the birds of prey.

Today during quiet time it became very clear to me, I saw it plain.

Idol worship is forbidden in the Bible, yet people do it all the time. In rock stars and such, movie stars, sports teams and players, even one’s favorite newscaster. Those whose only purpose is to entertain the people, for a moment, but the entertainment turns into worship and idolization of the entertainer.

It’s happening every day on such a wide scale. What happens to idol worshippers in the Bible?

Physical and Spiritual death.

It is said Satan has the right to test people, to lure them away from their Divinity and heavenly home. So many have succumbed, even I. When I became aware, rather shatteringly to the reality, I was spiritually accosted and feasted upon. Twenty years I suffered greatly.

Thanks be to my Heavenly Father for statute of limitations. Thank you for teaching me to persevere through challenges put upon me. Thank you for opportunity to speak into the collective via this platform.

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