Man in Black

Published February 8, 2023 by tindertender

There was once a time I wouldn’t have known …

Walking the trail today at the falls a young man dressed in black casual pants and a black long sleeved shirt, tucked neatly, dark hair flowing in a slightly longer cut, slowly trotted up the hill beyond where I had just come from. He was rushing, little did I know he was there for a specific purpose. A short while later he trotted by me again, laughing a little, saying, hi again!

And I knew …
And I wondered where he had laid his magic.

Was it a love spell, meant to lure his love to that location in dreamland? He looked a bevy of things … happy, an excitement was about him, he appeared eager for the results.

Hhhmmmm ….

Logic tried to tell me he was an ordinary man, who only had a few moments to himself at that hour … but intuition and a knowing says otherwise.

I still smile a little when I think of his hurried, seemingly eager process.

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