Expansion and Awareness

Published January 3, 2023 by tindertender

There is a giant movement that will take you to places that best suit your frequencies….

The clouds are dissipating, the energy from the astral plane is being projected out and sometimes this can cause some disturbances….

The way is being revealed to those that can see it and feel it…

Emptiness, sadness, disorientation will be temporarily part of your life…

This is necessary to dispel those “dark clouds” that have been a part of your life for so long….

Awakening is not a sea of roses, it’s not lightness, it’s no joy, it’s the deconstruction of illusion, and that, my dear ones, hurts, hurts…. The purification of emotional debris is something exhausting and necessary, and it has its various phases, various comings and comings, after all, to rise you will need to give up the old, the illusion, the fear impregnated in your akashic records and your c Eulogies!

The winds are blowing, and people are finding their places, some will find storms and others a radiant sun…. This light that reaches the Earth is radiant, warm, luminous energy.

The Planetary Transition is an inevitable and beautiful process, it is the end of a great cycle of changes of gigantic proportions!

Planet Earth has expanded to the point of rising to higher dimensions, and part of humanity is able to keep up with this expansion and although they are feeling the pains of childbirth, they will soon be reborn beautiful and radiant and can walk again the holy land as gods and goddesses rebuilding an entire planet based on love, only love…

~ Author Unknown


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