Dear Jews & Gentiles

Published October 3, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @aradiant1899

Just thought you should know that the ENTIRE TIME you’ve been warring with each other. THE TRUE GOD was looking for you to LOVE EACH OTHER so one of your daughters could be CHOSEN. HIS PLAN was always to marry a half Jew/half Gentile to his SON.

Ursa Major article below from:

Ursa Major

The Greater Sheepfold
Like the constellation known as “Little Bear” (Ursa Minor), this sign also has many legends from many different lands all over the world. But also, like the other sign, very few come anywhere close to the true meaning of this beautiful picture. One, from Greek mythology, relates this constellation to Callisto, the daughter of Lyacaon, the king of Arcadia. The story involves Lyacaon being transformed into a bear.

As we have seen earlier in both Cancer and Ursa Minor, the very idea that this sign was originally designed to be a bear is absurd. Bears don’t have such long tails. Furthermore, we have seen that this whole scene (Cancer and its decans) should be considered as one large pastoral setting with, most likely, a donkey lying down peacefully between two flocks of sheep.

In Ursa Major, we see yet another area of conflict to be resolved — the vast population that will cover the earth, and all the many logistical problems that entails. Today, we know that man has the technological ability to solve many of his own problems. For example, there is no technological reason why there should be famine, or the droughts that so often cause it. Certainly we can grow enough food to feed the present population of the world very easily. And we could convert water from the oceans around us to provide adequate reserves for irrigation during times of drought weather. The problem is that we simply do not do the things that we know to do! Why? Because of a whole assortment of political, economic, religious, and other reasons, none of which are sufficient to justify our inaction to the reality the million face starvation every day.

Because the millennial kingdom will be a virtual paradise from north pole to south pole, and because mankind will once again live to be of a very great age (a man of a hundred years will be mourned as if a child has died) then doesn’t it seem reasonable to conclude that the human population will literally explode? I believe it will, for the Bible says that the “knowledge of the glory of God will COVER THE EARTH.” That sounds like a heavily populated earth! But it doesn’t necessarily mean a crowded earth. The millennial kingdom will be a time of prosperity for everyone.

The Big Picture
This is the “Big Bear” — the constellation that is so easy to detect (one of the very few that are — not because it looks like a bear, but because it so plainly resembles a Big Dipper.) But we must remember that the original picture was of a sheepfold. (See the meanings of the star names below.)

The Gospel Truth
Here is the “Greater Sheepfold” of which Jesus spoke in John 10. The “other sheep” mention in that passage which were not of “this fold” (Ursa Minor, the Little Bear) were the vast multitudes of Gentile believers who would respond to the gospel all down through the ages of church history. This was a great mystery hidden from all the Old Testament prophets and not revealed until Paul’s day. Yet, it was the eternal plan of God that He should present to His Son, a Bride composed of both Jew and Gentile. What a blessed assurance of His eternal grace!

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the star names below. They will ALWAYS back up the message above.

URSA MAJOR (Ltn) “the big bear”; Al Naish (Arb) “the assembled together”; Dubhe (Arb) “a herd of animals”; Merarch (Hbr) “the flock” in (Arb) “the purchased”; Phaeda (Hbr) “visited, guarded”; Alioth (Hbr) “she-goat”; Mizar (Hbr) “small separate”; Talith (Hbr) “the fold”; El Alcola (Arb) “the sheepfold”; Cab’d al Asad (Arb) “multitude”; Dubeh Lachar (Arb) “the latter herd”; Helike (Gk) “company of travelers”; Amaza (Gk) “going and coming”; Calisto (Gk) “the sheepfold appointed”

Below from: @aradiant1899
I’ve never understood how Spiritual battlefields are drawn and some participants DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING. Is the Battle TRULY GOOD VS EVIL? Because there is GOOD and BAD in all of us. EVIL is different. That is why Lucifer and SATAN ARE 2 DIFFERENT BEINGS.

We can’t continue to fight each other over outdated beliefs and planted paradigms that half of us have no idea why we even use them as standards. Compassion and Understanding HAS TO happen so we can UNITE.

You’ve ALL SPENT LIFETIMES and CENTURIES in Spiritual battle. You’ve allowed your Paradigms of beliefs instilled by a corrupt system to cause you to hate each other. But the LOVE is what was supposed to heal you.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I have been hit with toooo many downloads & the most recent showed me 2 Kingdoms on edge. Both holding their breath as if afraid to move and awaiting an outcome. I saw and heard “Unity”. I was also shown Demons protecting Angels and Angels were protecting Demons. Many aren’t even “Demons” by the understanding we’ve come to know. They’re more like Souls who are trapped for contract reasons. But both sides have shown signs of wanting to Unify. (Note: I’m not referring to Murderous, Rapist, Pedo Demons.)

My reference is to the lost Souls that didn’t quite make it the way they should have and been trapped. They’re some of our Ancestors and Guides. This Spiritual Battle is wearing both sides down unnecessarily.

Clairaudience message to the Divine Masculine and Feminine.
There was a Karmic Masculine who was playing games and hurt a Divine Feminine. Now that he fucked up, he realizes SHE really was his 1. He is in his own misery over it because he never expected her to touch his heart.

He KNEW she was meant for someone else but within his own game he kinda fell for her.

Understand, she knows how you’ve played. She does have some feelings there but she’s tired of hurting. HER TRUE DIVINE MASCULINE IS COMING FOR HIS “WIFE”. I see him NOT TAKING THE BULLSHIT OF THE KARMIC MASCULINE. He wants his TRUE WOMAN.

To the Karmic Masculine, you have some real decisions to make. Divine Feminine Counterparts DON’T HAVE TIME ANYMORE FOR FUCKERY and are on point with holding down things in their lives.

My suggestion is “Put Up and Man Up” or move along. Her Divine Masculine has given you enough time and is bringing her all of his Love, true intentions and clearing every red flag you put out for her self esteem to be destroyed.

To the Divine Feminine, NOW is the time to guard your heart, reflect on what you truly want & deserve and keep an open heart. Your true partner will be making a move very soon your way. He knows time is running out.

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