Light Burn

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

Moths, constantly flying around and bumping in to a hot light bulb, over and over until they die. I wonder what they are thinking. Are they mad? Thinking it’s the Sun, and want it to go out?

Reminds me of the dead. So many of them hate the light but are drawn to it. Bumping in to it over and over. Will they too die (again) like the moth? Double dead. Now that’s some strange concept.

Those I speak of are not those who go on to live again.

Seems to me the violator dead bump up against this Light Force of Source Creation within Humans just like the moth bumps into the hot light bulb. It hurts, but they can’t help themselves. But, if they plant shame, guilt, fear, and anger into that Soul, then they can touch it, feast on it, use it without getting “burned”.

Stay happy friends. Stay happy. It’s your best protection.

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