Intense Plasma Energy

Published May 7, 2022 by tindertender

Intense Plasma Energy have been bombarding the surface of planet Earth significantly over the past few weeks. There has been non stop solar flares including multiple X class flares since Easter Weekend.

The base frequency of the heartbeat of the Earth is 7.83hz and when the energy reaches above 40hz evolutionary Detox Symptoms will be noticed. With plasma energy this high people will be feeling this.

When plasma energy bombards our bodies it causes lower density energy to be pushed out of the cells including latent viruses, bacteria, yeast, toxins, traumas and trapped emotions.

This is why people generally don’t feel great during these energy shifts. Old memories, dreams, grief and despair may also surface. Fear and fight or flight response may also be triggered. You may feel ungrounded.

This high intensity light energy blasts through our cells and enters into our DNA programming. Because of the intensity of this wave like I have never seen, activation of dormant DNA strands is taking place on a collective level.

These energies are assisting clearing density from our bodies and healing us on a cellular level. It is important to not shut down in fear as this slows the energy flow into higher energy centers. As we gain balance in each ascending energy center we raise in vibration over all.

Some people feel these symptoms days before, during or after the wave passes. Be kind to what others may be experiencing.

Noted Evolutionary Detox Symptoms:

Fear and Panic
Flu Symptoms
Anger and Grief
Frequent Urination
Food Cravings
Increased Hunger
Severe Headaches
Heart Palpations
Body Aches
Ear Ringing
Active Dream States
Falling or Off Balance
Repeating Numbers
Activation of Gifts/Intuition
Deja Vu

Coping with the Uncomfortable:

Grounding Techniques Meditation
Salt Baths
Parasympathetic Breathing
Root teas and veggies
Calming essential oils
Grounding stones
Time in Nature
Sleep and Rest
Binaural Beats
Frequency music at 7.83hz

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