Promiscuity vs Celibacy

Published March 9, 2022 by tindertender

Not many people these days believe in Sacred Union, sacred sexuality. They are busy getting the object of “pretty” or “handsome” for their eyeballs to align with the desire of their masculinity, their sex (yes, this goes both ways).

Many people are in love with the idea of being a savior of sorts. Showing a man or woman what it feels like to be loved in an attentive and caring way. But that’s just a role …. until it ends. I know this, for in my life I have played this role.

It is sad to me because people do not understand that through this act, through this physical sensory connection, they also share between them any energetic traumas, or dense and unhealthy energy related to the root chakra. The root, which gets hammered time and time again, building regret and guilt and shame as these connections progress, end (usually in a not so good way) and accumulate through life.

Even with the use of condoms, energy is still exchanged. It can be healthy or needy. It can be an illusion also, a dream, once woken from ends quickly.

Personally, I’ve entered my 2nd virginity. My marriage became sexless nearly right away, and because I was committed, for better or worse, I stayed in the marriage … for some time.

I have determined it’s really a lot easier to be single that getting involved in a relationship. I’m not much for:

Having my personal habits critiqued; listening to another’s thoughts and opinions about my aging body type; worrying whether my dogs are safe in their presence when I’m not home; having someone lay claim to me or the things I’ve gathered in my household over the last many years; having my meditation, music and reading space interrupted … etc.

Yes, I do believe it’s simply easier being alone.

I’ve put in a lot of work clearing my energies, purifying my body, my mind, my fields. In this life it isn’t only the living “in body” that has affected my existence, often in a negative way, but from the unseen violators, the vampires, feasting upon the energy in many ways through unseen channels.

It would take someone very special to make me change my mind about it, gaining even the most meager contemplation and consideration of relationship.

And honestly, I’m not too certain he is on planet at this time.

So … there you have it.

I would caution people to take their Sacred Bodies very seriously. Don’t just let any handsome man or gorgeous woman have your most Sacred connection.

What you choose in this regard will have impact on your mind, your energy, and every partner you commune with in the future.

It is so valuable, I doubt I’ll ever go there again, in this realm, in this 3D reality.

Intimacy not made through Soul Connection Union does not appeal to me any more.

I’d rather not.

I respect myself too much, especially after all that I have gone through.

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