The Devil Doesn’t Live in Hell …

Published December 17, 2021 by tindertender

… He (they, the collective) live in Antarctica (while their hybrid children walk among us), and “covid” and the covid “variants” are their signature.

What else do we find in Antarctica?

The question is, who is the head of the collective wreaking havoc upon the earth and life upon it? Certainly not anyone walking above the ice, enjoying money and privilege .

Who was it that was encased there in the ice, in the ancient wars?

What is the real goal of Geoengineering, CERN and HAARP? Melting the ice of course!!

This polar shift, the so-called climate change is a manipulated event.

The fallen wish to trade places with the humans, keeping some of the feminine for their mating and birthing needs, and keeping some of the masculine as slave labor.

It looks like many are on the side of the dominators, the programmers, the mind controllers, the energy syphoners.

Even should they have their way (which I do not believe will happen) the planet cannot sustain one more cycle of their raping and pillaging and poisoning of the resources.

Someone IS here to intervene.

And He’s the best chess player in the Universe, perhaps even the Multiverse.

Do you know Him?

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