Ancient Tribes

Published November 12, 2020 by tindertender

What the many ancient tribes have been explaining to Westerners since time memorial is that we are actually located on a lower plane that is being ruled by various Entities. The sub-Planes are indicated above by the triangles in the center.

The pictures of Beings you see are of various Ascended Masters or Gods who rule different parts of the Planes. The 4 outer points are the Gates. The Kabbalah reflects the same thing indicating the Planes as Spheres or Hexagrams. They also served as Calendars because the alignment of everything from above and below is perfectly in order.

Quadrants of the Moon are called Mare the commoner would pronounce this just as it sounds, esoterically it is pronounced MARY, the names of spots on the Moon are riddled with a deep significance to its origin and use.

Unlike most modern church participants those Initiated into various magical societies evoke Angels and Spirits all the time. They do this by various means; one key element involves drawing perfect stars inside of circles or squares. A symbol drawn is physical proof of ones intent.

A perfect star is often made with a tool used by the Elite called an Angle. This word Angle is an anagram for Angel. The tool itself is the shape of an “L”, that’s right EL. If you notice when drawing a star it consist of straight lines, straight lines are opposite to nature which itself is a composite of spheres and circles, the body itself contains no straight lines. These straight lines are known as masculine while the curved lines are feminine. It is known that fleshly beings are categorized as Feminine despite there sexual orientation while heavenly Beings are known as Masculine due to their strong ethereal nature which can even withstand the force of being in close proximity to the Sun.

There is recorded knowledge of 1/3 of the Angels in the Sphere of Saturn, rebelling. Those fallen ones came to Earth and intermingled with woman thus creating the term “Mankind” meaning kind of like man but not entirely. No matter how fictitious this may seem it is in fact true.

These Beings go under the names of Rephaim, Nephalim, Annunaki, Titans, Giants, and Danites along with their offspring they make up the legends of various mythological creatures of various titles. This resulted from the union of the Angels with not only the women but also with the animals. These offspring became known as Demigods meaning half God, half man or animal. They possessed various powers that caused the indigenous tribes of the time to worship the Supreme Creators which was far from true.

The head of the Fallen Angels would place the Demigods over the people to rule them in a hierarchy or Pyramid structure. They would remain in contact with the Demigods from their habitations in various Constellations such as Orion. Ancient Aram indicates the Name of Orion originally being Nephila meaning Nephalim. Orion is depicted as a Giant man for this reason. There will be lots of Orion sync’s as we go on, they have guided much of what we have seen in the media as children growing up until this very day. As a child I remember watching a cartoon called Fraggle Rock which was about the life of the Fraggles especially their encounters with the Giants called Ogres of the land.

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