Door and Key

Published November 3, 2020 by tindertender

When the door is closed and locked then only the key will open it, fear and anxiety will fill you within if you cannot find your key.

You will feel disconnected from the warmth, contentment and peace that is waiting for you when you unlock and open the door.

You now are easily upset and angry at yourself and whatever is around you because you cannot open the door.

You can try to take a shortcut and break a window and get in but that will only add to your frustrations, for you still must find your key.

You must take matters within yourself and either seek and find the key or find help from a locksmith that can look within the lock of your door and create the key so you can open the door to the peace and love of your home.

The door is your heart, the key is your soul.

~ Ekosi. 

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