Oracle Reading 11-1-2020

Published November 1, 2020 by tindertender

You have seen and unseen allies. Draw upon their strength. Join forces with friends and flourish.

Today I will focus on the good and happy Spirits in my life. The ones that build me up instead of tearing others down. I am rich with joy and beauty brought to me by my friends. Today I will contact a friend and tell them of their worth. I will embrace their love and thrive.

Embrace the need for solitude. Your inner sanctuary calls you. Renew yourself and thrive.

Today I realize deeply that this present moment is all I really have and that the NOW is my sanctuary. It has all the magic and happiness that I need. I let go of the past for I am not there. I let go of the future for it has not yet happened. I look within and find the peace and joy I seek in this divine moment and I will flourish.

You have courage. You can endure. Find your center and spiral into your power.

Today I will look within and realize that I have all the courage and strength that I need for any situation. I will stand for what I believe in even if it means standing alone. I will be kind, true, merciful, generous and honest with myself and others for this is what lasts. I am a powerful, eternal being on my journey through forever and I will not be afraid.

Reading from the deck Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma

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