Rune Reading 8-10-2020

Published August 10, 2020 by tindertender

This is my second attempt at Rune Reading. Please bare with me as I train myself, and if anyone has a different idea of what this particular layout is saying, please share in the comments section. Here is the layout:

The problem: The first pair is NIED and JERA. NIED suggests patience is needed, no amount of rushing something will make it work out any faster. This could be a difficult learning situation. This time is known as crossing the abyss by many occult writers and is often a time of extreme emotional travail. However, meeting this emotional challenge head-on and conquering your fear of it can be the catalyst that drives you to overcome whatever obstacles appear in your path later. Paired with JERA (the rune of justice and legalities) in this position implies events must come to fruit in their own good time, and a positive outcome to the dilemma at hand, often utilizing legal help. It could be a warning not to speak ill of others before all the relevant facts are known.

Factors in the past: Next we have BEORC paired with HAGALL. BEORC is a fertility rune, a rune of birth and of family. It always presages a birth, whether it is an actual birth or the formation of an idea. It suggests that any schemes in the works should be implemented right away. HAGALL represents all forces outside your control. It will turn up when you are thinking of taking a risk of some sort. Sometimes this rune will appear to show that your future at this time is in the hands of another. Usually this other has no personal interest in you whatsoever. You may receive notice of this control second-hand, as through an official letter. Trying to fight against fate or circumstance at this time will only bring you grief.

Advice: Next we have FEHU paired with SIGEL. FEHU is a symbol of earned income, something which has to be worked for but will produce an expected source of revenue. Indicates prosperity coming to you in some form. It is a rune of fulfillment – something which you have been striving toward will finally be within your grasp. Signifies overcoming opposition, whether personal, or impersonal. Suggests you have what it takes to win out over the opposing forces through diligence and hard work. Paired with SIGEL it hints at victory. SIGEL is a rune of great power, and much power will be available to you at this time to effect changes in your life. You may be working too hard and sorely in need of a little rest and relaxation.

Result: WUNJO in this position means joy and happiness coming into your life. The shift that was due has arrived, the Wheel of Karma has turned in your favor, and you are about to “come to yourself” in some way. Be happy!

Runes read with the aid of “A Practical Guide to The Runes” by Lisa Peschel

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