Today I Am Thankful

Published June 24, 2020 by tindertender

I am thankful for the lessons in balance that I see in my loved ones.

Strength and gentleness, responsibility and laughter, stubbornness and flexibility.

I see you walk in a good way.

I see you work tirelessly to earn what you have and I see you give freely with a smile and without regret.

I see you make mistakes and I see you learn hard lessons.

I see you shed ego and become humble.

I see you stand together and I see you hold each other up.

In you I see humanity and my own humanity is awakened.

Little bits of myself that have lain dormant my whole life come alive and bring more and more clarity to my sense of purpose.

Thank you for being my teachers in life and for the lessons you give, but more, thank you for that part of you that becomes a part of me, to one day become a part of someone else. In that way, we are a continuous line of spirit that will stretch on and on, unbroken, as long as time exists.

Life has blessed me with more family than I was born with and WOW, am I blessed with family of blood and spirit!



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