We’ve Canceled Aunt Jemima

Published June 17, 2020 by tindertender

Her actual name was Nancy Green. She was born a slave in 1834 in Kentucky. In 1890 she was hired to represent Aunt Jemima as an advertising character. It was her job to operate the pancake cooking display.

Green was 56-yrs old when she was selected as spokesperson for a new ready-mixed, self-rising pancake flour and made her debut in 1893 at a fair and exposition in Chicago. She demonstrated the pancake mix and served thousands of pancakes… and became an immediate star.

She was a good storyteller, her personality was warm and appealing, and her showmanship was exceptional. Her exhibition booth drew so many people that special security personnel were assigned to keep the crowds moving.

Her personality and cooking talent made her an instant hit. She won a medal for her performance.

Nancy Green was signed to a lifetime contract, traveled on promotional tours all over the country, and was extremely well paid. Her financial freedom and stature as a national spokesperson enabled her to become a leading advocate against poverty and in favor of equal rights for folks in Chicago.

She was working until her death until 1923. Green was one of the organizers of Olivet Baptist Church.

Her career allowed her …

Personality and a friendly nature. Her original painting sold for $9030.00. It was rendered by A.B. Frost one of the great illustrators of the Golden Age.

They took her life’s work and eliminated it.

She should be remember as one who persevered.

Not “just a slave”.

An achiever.

UPDATE: https://www.themix.net/2020/06/aunt-jemimas-great-grandson-is-furious-that-her-legacy-is-being-erased/

“This is an injustice for me and my family. This is part of my history, sir,” Larnell Evans Sr. told Patch. “The racism they talk about, using images from slavery, that comes from the other side — white people. This company profits off images of our slavery. And their answer is to erase my great-grandmother’s history. A black female. … It hurts.”

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