Welcome to Swell City

Published May 9, 2020 by tindertender

Today as I drove through the Columbia River Gorge, I pondered life.

Wanting to get in touch with the masculine side of life, I decided to go watch men fish. I stopped along the way where people parked with their boat trailers, and were in the bay and near shore, fishing.

I sat and watched as various fishermen attempted to set hook. I imagined them there, friend with friend, in a sort of zen state.

I imagined that there might be a woman somewhere, baking fresh bread to go with the fresh fish her mate would bring home later in the day. I imagined fresh salad, supplies taken from the home garden. (Too early yet, I know. It’s a fantasy).

Anyhow …

After admiring these men, and family units, I drove on down the highway with a smile upon my face. How beautiful they were!


One of my favorite flowers is the California Poppy. Such a hearty plant that grows in seemingly impossible places. They open with the morning sun, and close up in the evening.

So Gorge-ous!

Nearing the Hood River Bridge I delved into my coin purse for the bridge toll. After crossing the bridge I saw a sign which read, “toll booth closed due to covid19”. I thought, great! Just saved myself $2. Folded it up and put in back in the pouch.

Driving along in the sun,

Feeling its warmth,

Grateful to be alive.

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