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At The Dance

Published December 15, 2019 by tindertender

I sit and listen as he plays his guitar, no singing, a simple, beautiful melody.

Haunting at times, the din in the cafe fades. I am taken to a place, forlone , and yet hopeful for peace.

I envision a courtyard dance and romance. Lovers sitting on a short brick wall, holding hands

Cacophony ~ watching as children chase each other in circle, dust of the ground flying high, and laughter.

Chickens and dogs crossing the street, there is no set rule for the way things ought to be.

It just is …

A green meadow – confusion as it is wondered which direction the river is. Where is the water?

A cantina … men in boots, dancing, at peace with each other. Joy fills the air.

It is night and a fire is lit, out of doors, under the moon and the stars.

More dancing and merry making.

Relaxing, time for sleep.

Yet someone is always keeping watch …

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