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The Creation Of Gravity

Published July 28, 2019 by tindertender

Aniline Silica (which is from the carbon group 14) is the basis of gravity. These are the Carbon Particles in Water.

While still inert, it is very heavy water, but as soon as sunwaves reach the molecule, oxygen is added to the hydrogen which now begins to lift the carbon crystal UP toward the equilibrium of sea level.

Once there, now more of the hydrogen is activated and much more oxygen fills the crystal valence structure which now propels liquid (hydrogen) and oxygen into the cloud canopy through photosynthesis.

Through sublimation, water isthen distributed by cloud rain over a vast area to dispense droplets of energy that powers the life force. On the way up this natural capacitor now reacts to sun waves, sending out both heat and light.

Once it goes through the meteoricprocess of evaporation and has become largely spent of its hydrogen around cloud level, the carbon now presses downward, providing gravity to keep things from floating off into space.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Heavy water exposed directly to sunlight explodes because the conversion process of separating Protium hydrogen 1 Aniline from Deuterium hydrogen 2 (covalently bonded Aniline ions) was skipped over causing a violent self-combustion nuclear reaction. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 322-323).

In space there is no light. No heat. And no gravity. Because light and heat and gravity do not come from the Sun. They come from hydrogen molecules which are triggered to appear to cast light when the sun’s invisible scalar waves hit and trigger their cycle of producing light,heat and as those are expelled,they rise higher and higher in the atmosphere until they reach their event horizon.

At which time their elements transform into something not listed on the elemental charts, gravitons, which PUSH downward on earth. Earth doesn’t have a “gravitational field”, this is a lie. It is effected by gravitational PUSH.

And all of this time you thought you were in “light” under the rays of the sun, you have been standing in pitch darkness, all manipulated by your captors to keep you from seeing what was supposed to have been your true reality around you.

If your eyes are translating your view around you to your pineal gland, and that is actually carrying the scalar waves of pitch darkness, how is it supposed to translate anything to your actual mind, your heart, that the heart can see? It can’t.That’s why you are in darkness.

Take any camera using film, take a photo, then have the film treated so you can see what is on the film. Black is white and white is black. Photosynthesis doesn’t work like that in the real world. The film’s images have to be REVERSED to show you what your EYES see.

And this is why the “Illuminated Ones” call themselves the custodians of LIGHT. And the Illumination teachings are HIDDEN from the masses.

What you are about to see when the ascension actually does take place, is their illumination system will no longer be in effect, meaning your artificial computer brain programs will have to be updated before you will be able to SEE in true light.

Gravity | Heat | Light

Published May 30, 2019 by tindertender

Hydrogen creates gravity when it is hit by the INVISIBLE rays of the sun which release the power of its photonic core scientists call protons, which then creates light, heat and gravity. As it does, the hydrogen molecule becomes less dense and begins to rise where it weakens as it ascends.

As it goes higher into the atmosphere, it produces less and less heat and gravitational push, this is why planes seek high altitude for “thin air” for less friction, as there is now less hydrogen for the plane to go through and the plane physically weighs less, as gravity is far less in higher altitudes. Something they forgot to mention. You do not weigh as much on top of Mt. Everest as you do when you are at the beach.

Once the hydrogen is spent, its buoyancy becomes lost, and the graviton at its core when meeting the tropopause separation of earth atmosphere and space, completes the hydrogen portion of its life cycle.

Then that graviton naturally cycles back downward to the bottom of its event horizon, where it then reverts back to a renewed hydrogen molecule. It then seeks the lowest level on earth where it begins its next life cycle and can be found below the waters of the ocean, called heavy water or Detuerium in science speak.

Heavy water runs cleanly in deep ocean-bed crevasses at its lowest depths that look like rivers neatly flowing in its own river banks, separated from what appears to be air above compared to the extremely dark blue that heavy water is known to appear.

As heavy water then begins to mix with the salt water above, it is hit by very low, filtered invisible rays from the BLACK SUN, and begins to give off more and more light and heat, causing it to get thinner and thinner until it finally reaches the surface of the oceans.

By that time it appears to be “air”. In fact “air” is simply thin water, and where it is closest to earth, it gives off the most heat and gravity. When you are back on top of Mt. Everest, check the temperature.

This is why “air” (thin water) is 454 degrees below zero at the upper tropopause, the point where the water loses all of its hydrogen and its power to create light and heat. It then creates a DOME of frozen, nearly 100% hydrogen-free water crystals that form a BARRIER between the tropopause and the exosphere.

In the heavy water at the bottom of the ocean, there are millions of hydrogen molecules per square meter, in the exosphere and space, there are approximately 43 hydrogen molecules. Hence, it is now unable to give off gravity, heat or light.

Spacesuits aren’t fitted with air conditioners, and they all have headlights so astronauts can see, even though they are vastly closer to the sun than you are here on earth.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Moon, A Command Module

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

The moon, (Luna) called the Lunar Earth Command Module because it is literally the headquarters of all the day-to-day management of surface-earth, plays into the effects of melatonin which is created by the pineal gland. So does the black sun.

It has been shown in studies that the light waves of the sun literally shut off production of melatonin.

Luna wasn’t placed there by Marduk just as a floating mobile office to pull levers on the hologram; it sets the circadian rhythm by regulating the flows of the tide (electromagnetic energy discharge-rhythm that powers the surface of the planet).

By sloshing the waters, the friction blends the oxygen from the lighter water above with the heavy water below, releasing the crystal energy into the oceans much faster than it would otherwise. This artificially increases gravitational push.

The sun shuts off the melatonin production of the body, then the moon sets the circadian rhythm to further force you to have to sleep each day in order to keep up with the flashline sequence set by the sun. Think bionic hamster wheel.

Known of as Enki now, was originally known of as EA. EA is a title, or office that holds domain over the earth’s waters. EA is the genius (at least as clever as reptilians can be anyway) supposedly father of Marduk (but seem to be the same being), and his specialty is energy and technology. He is now known also as Poseidon and Neptune and the reason is simple; because all the usable energy on this planet comes from the bottom of the ocean. Both the ocean and the sea are named after him because of this.

It was his son who hung Luna (parked the biosphere above our heads) who set up the commands in the Module to work directly with the ocean energy currents (as in electrical currents) to distort the pulse-rate of organic circadian rhythm to cause brain-fog, a result of melatonin starvation.

The word Lunatic literally comes from Luna, the command module.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Human Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Published July 4, 2017 by tindertender


(Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)

They have destroyed the natural patterns of the earth. If they stop it will get worse before it gets better, however, if they do not stop, life extermination is a definite reality.

Fire! Crackling In The Stillness Of The Day.

Published February 5, 2017 by tindertender

Today has been quiet, with the exception of a different type of noise. No radio, no television, no other people talking or roaming about in my presence. The ‘different’ type of noise could be called by some, their own thoughts, it could also be called ‘Echoing of the Universe’ and all that is in it, this is how I choose to think of it.

I find it curious and interesting, although there are not many who can relate when I begin processing it, at least, not in my inner circle.

There are those who have been involved in a large portion of my life who tell me I should not be so open, that it isn’t anyone’s business, that I should choose my battles, and just let stuff slide, or ignore the injustices I see.

I am adamant in the denial of this thought pattern. I am of the mind that when we lose our bodies, everything we think will be heard, indeed, everything we think right now is heard, we are simply unaware of this fact … for the moment. However, this knowledge is becoming increasingly common among the people.

truth_32How old do you think you really are? How many times do you imagine you’ve been around the wheel?

Synchronicity, the feeling this has all happened before ~ Deja Vu ~ we all experience this. Do you think that perhaps Gravity is more that a simple magnetic pull? What if it is a force that keeps us here even after the body quits us, and we are born again, without memory, to do it all over? … time after time.

magnetic-pull_2Perhaps some practice exercising our Will is in order. For many years it seems that the majority bends to, and submits to, the will of others. They have become so good at getting folks to go along with this, it may actually be believed their own free will is being exercised.

Who is the Magnet? Why are we kept here? Who is feeding off the fear that has been prevalent over history? When will we step into that fear and refuse to be part of it any longer? When will we stand and say no more pain will be caused in this world?

We have the right to a peaceful existence. We have the right to be free and to live an abundant, joy filled life. We have an obligation to stop corruption and blatant abuses from repeating, over and over, in many fashions, to many people and life in general, all over the world.

And this is how my mind works … I start with the fire, and just start moving on down the road … these thoughts are questions, and a deep inner knowing. You too have this knowing within you, and are probably asking questions, also.



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