Do You Know the Meaning of Myrrh?

Published December 30, 2022 by tindertender

Myrrh is a rare thing, it’s a resin extracted from a low tree called camphoras typical of the semi-desert region of North Africa and the Red Sea. Besides being one of the first gifts Jesus received by the three magical kings on the occasion of his birth, the myrrh also possesses a powerful spiritual meaning.

Camphora, tree from which resin is extracted, is a symbol of strength and endurance of love. “Love is as strong as death,” said Solomon (Songs 8.6). True love needs strength to resist, act and stay. And so is the cammiphora, a tree that survives in a dry region, without resources, with the harsh reality and scarcity of a desert and that continues to produce its fruit.

The word myrrh means bitter in Arabic, and it is considered as a natural remedy for wounds because it possesses strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory power. In China, myrrh has been used as a treatment for wounds, bruises, and bleeding for thousands of years.

The myrrh is the feminine essence of the Cosmos. It represents the manifestation of the pure soul, of full understanding. It is the essence used as a detector of us, which induces purification and protection.

We can harness all the power of myrrh currently through oils and incense with this fragrance. It is used in rituals that call for spiritual cleansing and protection, the myrrh acts as blessing, protecting and healing. When used, it awakens the feeling of fraternity, of self-knowledge and harmony, being widely recognized for its power of renewal, of generating calm and tranquility with its scent.

~ Author Unknown

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