Energy Expenditure

Published August 25, 2022 by tindertender

The biggest challenge for a man on his initiation into manhood is to transcend enslavement to his sexual impulses. When sexual energy is confined to the instinctual centre in the lower chakras, it becomes an impulsive drive to relieve the frustration. This energy expenditure through ejaculation depletes a male of his vitality and can create a dependency to the hormonal release, just like with any addiction.

Over time this diminishes the potency of the spiritual life force that can be redirected and channelled into creative pursuits in alignment with a higher purpose. In this way creative and sexual energy are synonymous.

Transformation involves clearing the sacral blocks that keep energy confined in the genitals. For a man this is an excess of yang, or fire energy. This causes excess heat in the testicles that a male tries to relieve through ejaculation. Female sexual energy works in a different way. Primary energy loss occurs through menstruation and child birth. This is why females can have multiple orgasms with minimal energy loss.

Whether a male is conscious of it or not, multiple ejaculations will drain his masculine potency. This can lead to emotional volatility, which can eventually result in general depression. When motivation is drained, a man will feel disconnected from evolution along the hero’s journey. He becomes withdrawn or clingy and dependent, but no sexual substitution or romantic endeavour fills the void.

When we liberate the trapped energy, it has the freedom to flow up through the body and reduces sexual frustration through regulation of the nervous system. This increases the electrical charge of the masculine polarity which increases the force of magnetic attraction (the feminine).

This electromagnetic union can first occur through the alchemical synthesis of the masculine/feminine principle within. This is the gateway to transcendence and will translate to the quality of a partner we attract. But if we are focusing on ’finding’ a partner or searching for that perfect twin flame, we are still operating through externalisation, and so there is still unresolved internal conflict.


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