What Is The Violators Future?

Published February 16, 2022 by tindertender

You don’t want me in your house. I bring loss, I bring theft with destruction and decay. I am your stress and anxiety, I am the worry in society. I am your nuisance, I am your pest, I bring sickness to your nest.

The violators are completely happy in their work; the gradual destruction of possessions and resources. They appear to have no regard for ownership, and are rapidly gnawing away while no one is looking. This is happening as a “bite-size” effect, something happening in little chunks. They will not just go away and leave you alone. It leaves your mind troubled. Take care of your possessions.

These ones will need a suitcase where they are going, for they will be travelling quite the distance. They will be happily taken by Ship to the Land of the Birds. They will find this trip pleasurable.

The Fox, however, is planning their fall. He is master of manipulation (and here the violators thought they were) and he will fool them all.

The Plan

23 ~ duality, cooperation, diplomacy, faith, trust, and service to others
7 ~ set an example for others
3 ~ spiritual alignment
10 ~ new beginnings
14 ~ being constructive
9 ~ completion

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