From Me to WE

Published January 29, 2022 by tindertender

Last night I was in bed and all of a sudden my muscular structure lit up and started twitching and the body was shaking, like I was being hit by an energy weapon, or an energy ‘source’.

I stood, and it was a challenge to walk. I laid back down and just waited it out.

The violators said to each other they were “testing” me. Many different energies hit me. Some more potent than others. One twitching body followed by pause, then another wave of this chaotic energy zapping. It was a violation of my bodies and my energies in a HUGE way.

This is how they operate. 20 years now, and they still won’t give it a rest. But soon, big changes will occur…. and I will be free from all snares.

I am Divinely protected, have been since the beginning. Doesn’t stop the violator/manipulator/oppressor/dominator from trying to collect all the souls they can before the shift.

Indeed, there is a change of guard at hand. It will be successful, mission victorious.

And I will participate in the rebuilding of Paradise with ALL of my family ….

Guides, Guardians, Ancestry of all human generations, the Ancient Ones, and my Star Nation Family.


We will Create in a good way a flourishing Garden which will cover the globe, bringing abundance and plenty for all. ALL will participate, and all will benefit.

I watch and I wait. I see the throes of calamity during this phasing out of what once was.

I will watch as the destroyer does what they do best.

I will prepare my heart and my mind.

All will be well in the end, for this new beginning, will then be.

And I wait … patiently.

And I smile.

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