Lilith the HU

Published December 31, 2021 by tindertender

Lilith … “first wife of Adam” …. wanted to rest in her sovereignty. She refused to bow to Adam …. Adam was a creation of the fallen. Over time we were snared and Rebirthed into carbon bodies. Our light bodies were replaced with carbon bodies. Because Lilith did not bow to this fallen HUman…. because she was HU, she was told her children would die by the thousands …. child sacrifice, perpetuated by those who gain power by doing it. Well HU are here from beyond the sun. Lilith is also here, in a carbon body. She, like others, are raising her own, and that of the worlds vibration, her truest family here to support us as we do …Rising to meet their HU family. Fallen no more. There will be an end to the killing of her children. Quite soon. And we will rise as the HU we are. Unless some choose they like being big in a fallen slave matrix.

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