Practicing Zen

Published February 25, 2021 by tindertender

“I ask you: what are you? You don’t know; there is only ‘I don’t know.’ Always keep this don’t-know mind. When this don’t-know mind becomes clear, then you will understand… Keep don’t-know always and everywhere. This is the true practice of Zen.” ~Seung Sahn Sunim

Practicing Zen helps get us in touch with the primordial coordinates of the interconnected cosmos. It helps us recognize the probability spectrum. It keeps us open to the vital transformations of the universe and adaptable to the ebbs and flows of constant change.

When Socrates said, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing,” he was speaking in probabilities. He recognized that his was a single perception dwarfed by an unfathomably large universe. He realized that what he thought he knew was astronomically less than what he didn’t know and wisely swallowed his pride.

Better to use Zen to keep us in flow. Better to transform certainty into curiosity. Better to question answers than rely on them. When we are open, fluid, and dynamic in our thinking, we are less likely to be seduced by dogmatic belief.

Image by drasan_art


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