Faery Blessing Oracle Reading 6-30-2020

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

A Blessing of Clear Foresight ~ A gift is given this day, friend to you, a blessing of the faeries true. This gift is that of long vision, the ability to see the consequences of actions taken in the present, and, indeed, the outcome of decisions of the past. With this blessing of clear foresight, may you be blessed with the ability to see the lasting influence of what it is you choose to do – what will you be granting to the future of this world, to the children, to the ones who come after.

A Blessing to Undo an Unfortunate Gris ~ This blessings will help undo the impact of an unfortunate pattern within your life. Geis is what the Celts believed we were born with, a theme or a story that would be told over and over in our lives, gifted to us by the goddess Arianrhod, often seen as a curse rather than a blessing. So, when we have these patterns, these ravelled-up bits of our life that we seem to get caught up in and tangled within, like a web we keep getting pulled back into, the faery can help us unravel it and come to a kind of peace with it. It does not mean we will no longer have the pattern or frailty, but we will be less hurt and harmed by it. For we all have our challenges, and it is how we deal with the challenges and the blessings we make of them that matters.

A Blessing of Healing ~ To you now is offered the immense faery gift of healing. Faeries heal – they tend to and care for the wounded parts of human hearts and bodies and minds, they care for animals who are unwell and delicate, and they tend the plant world and the allies of the elemental realm. Faeries and their gift of healing is yours now – bring them to your hurts, concerns, and sorrows. They will help to heal you by bringing to you the plants and the animals and the natural spaces and places that can bring you to a better state.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jeff_finley

Reading from the deck “Faery Blessing Cards” created by Lucy Cavendish



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