Selling Stories

Published December 25, 2019 by tindertender

When I was a child, my uncle went away to fight in the Vietnam war. He sent to my cousin and I, three small ‘gold’ bracelets … we were very young at that time.

Recently, I discovered they were not gold at all, but a gold ‘colored’ tin.

I am thinking on this, this early morning, and I wonder how many times we are sold on a story that has no basis in the truth.

He may have been told they were gold. He may have believed he was sending us a precious metal gift. (The gift was precious, despite the fact it was not what we were told).

How many other stories are sold to us as truth? My story about these little gold bracelets is quite minor, and I am certain there are plenty more of these falsehoods being ‘sold’ to the public which are quite a bit up the ladder of falsehoods, shared by those who dwell in the upper rungs of this ladder.

Nothing is as it seems.

Being harassed is one thing, being lied to, or having the truth purposefully omitted is another.

Pay attention. Investigate. Listen to the questions. You might just realized those who claim to know, really do not, for if they knew they would never have to ask.

Ironic …

How sometimes certain actions are steered through purposeful misleading by those who lack honor.

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