Friday The 13th

Published December 14, 2019 by tindertender

“Some people have been taught to fear Friday the 13th yet in many indigenous cultures such as the Maya and Mexihca, the number 13 is considered representative of accomplishment, higher consciousness, ancestral memory, and wisdom.”

“In Mesoamerican philosophy, there are 13 heavens (thought to also represent 13 levels of consciousness). There are 13 lunar cycles and 13 major joints in the human body. Men and women are considered to have reached elder hood at age 52, which is the completion of a cycle of four rounds of 13 years each. The 260-day Tonalpohualli (Aztec) divinatory calendar consists of 20 groups of 13-day periods called treceñas which are combined with a series of day signs (Rabbit, Wind, Deer, Rain, etc.). The 13 treceña is associated with the venerable Tlazolteotl, an aspect of the earth mother.”

Full article:

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