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Imagination Soars

Published December 13, 2021 by tindertender

A spark of inspiration is about to descend upon you. A wonderous tale is asking to be told through you. This surge of imagination can take many forms. It can be a creative solution to a problem you are experiencing. It may mean using visualization to improve at a physical activity, or painting a picture with a new technique or a fresh perspective. Whatever form it takes, you are actively telling the story of your life with every word you speak and creating the story in action with every move you make.

What Wonderlands can you create when you allow yourself to be open to the genius all about you and invite it to come into the world through you? You are imaginative. You are creative. You have that spark within you! Whatever it is you wish to do – paint, draw, sing, write, dance – do this creative, vital, brilliant life-bringing thing! Who knows what creations you can bring forth. Why not begin to discover the possibilities today?

Inspiration – Creative Spark – Imagination – Conception

~ the Alice in Wonderland oracle by Lucy Cavendish

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