Flat Earth and the Matrix Programming

Published February 23, 2023 by tindertender

I don’t believe the earth is flat. What I do believe is the land masses we’ve been told that make up earth are much more vast. What we know, is an actual realm contained by ice. There are beings here who are contained … Unfortunately, with chemical warrfare, our awareness and memory have been altered to a mostly hypnotic state.

Injections from birth disrupt our connection to these wider fields.

The melting of the ice isn’t global warming. It’s nefarious beings trying to bust into the outer realms.

Hence, the true battle taking place.

We are here to shift the balance thru love. A reconnaissance mission. To discover what the nefarious ones are doing, and how. We are the research team.

Unfortunately, thru repeated injections from birth, the poisoning of the food and water, we are left in a disconnected, weakened and toxified state which seals off most memories of our original home and state of being, making us small, ignorant, and looking outside self for the miracle of life.

We are trained into a state of suffering. Raised by others whose only thoughts are to “survive”. Thriving has been deteriorated. Thru ignorance, folks look to the dominators for leadership. Tightening the hold.

No the world is not flat. But this particular realm is.

The matrix… the container holding wanna be dominators. Just look around and see the work they do. They’re destroying life in the hopes of taking their dominator ways to the outer realms.

It is my hope folks wake up to the fact we’ve been bamboozled by the systems put in place to spoon feed us a storyline other than truth.



NASA fabricates storylines to entertain and entrain.

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