Get Outta Hea

Published March 18, 2022 by tindertender

It’s gotta be said:
You want to snuggle up to your enemies? They’ll fuck you in the ass and siphon your soul energy. You won’t have a choice. I wish people didn’t behave like such morons.

I was thrown into a fiery pit by the adversary. I had to crawl up and out, it was a test. They’re looking for a strong enough female “human” to “host” the essence of the adversary. Why? Because they know their fate, that’s why. They’re seeking an “escape vessel”.

The ultimate parasite.

Why are they seeking a female host?

Perhaps it’s time you learn about the inherent power of the Feminine Kristos. The portal for life from the heavenly realms… Mother, Gate.

Who owns or controls the gate, controls the earth school.

Haven’t you ever wondered why she has been brutalized forever? Dominated? Abused sexually? Emotionally? Physically? Suppressed intentionally, her voice silenced?

Ya, there’s a reason they’ve waged war against the feminine… the adversary knows.

And so does the King of the Heavenly Realms, and ALL the Star Nation relatives.

Circumcision …. the severe trauma done to baby boys, young boys, causes a shattering of the soul. Such trauma while still so small and innocent. It fragments the soul. They grow and have emotional issues they can’t explain. A disconnect in the Self occurs. This act changes the core essence of the being.

A Divine Masculine who is fragmented and unaware doesn’t really connect to his counterpart, not fully.

Without the Divine Masculine in his wholeness and fullness, what happens to the Divine Feminine?

We see it daily. Our history is full of examples.

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