Son of God

Published March 15, 2022 by tindertender

You’re all children of God.

We see how the church worships the suffering and death of the most well known child of God. They even get people to participate in the atrocity by consuming his murdered flesh and blood weekly.

That child of God did not sacrifice himself for sins. He was murdered, and the “magic” applied to this fact has not only kept him bound but the people who participate also.

As a child of God yourself, would you be okay with people killing you in a very horrendous and public way for the sins of everyone else in the world? Watching them symbolically eating your flesh and drinking your blood weekly affirming this ritualistic murder, knowing some are using this weekly sacrifice and cannibalism as a “binding” for the human family you love so much and want to save?

How would feel watching this happen over and over, seeing your chains growing thicker, created by the ceremony of the very people who expect you to save them?

Knowing they too are in chains they’ve created.

You want to know what the wailing is? It’s he, watching the children be tortured, mixed with their terror and pain and fear and screams.

The gnashing of teeth? Those who feast upon the living flesh of them.

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