Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Life

Published February 2, 2022 by tindertender

Etheric Body: First Layer– The word ether refers to the state between energy and matter. This layer is 2 inches or less beyond the physical form and it is a bluish-gray web-like structure which looks exactly like the physical body, except it is a web of energy moving in a wave-like motion. The structures of the physical body are a result of the pattern of the body instructed by this layer. It holds the physical form in place. It is possible to see this layer of the auric field as flashes of bluish-white light.  

Emotional Body: Second Layer– The second body of the auric field is less dense than the etheric body just as the etheric body is less dense than the physical body. This body, as indicated by its name, is where the emotional phenomena occur. Whereas the etheric body reflects colors in the blue-gray scale, the emotional body exhibits a full range of colors, expressing the whole rainbow. Where the etheric is very structured and grid-like, the emotional exists more as fluidly moving clouds of color. The colors could appear very bright and saturated or as dark and cloudy depending on the emotional experience of the person. These clouds of colored light seem to generally move within the grid-like frame of the etheric body. It extends about one to three inches from the body and interpenetrates the physical and etheric bodies. 

The Mental Body: Third Layer– The third body of the auric field is the one which stages the phenomena of mental though processes. It appears as a yellow cloud surrounding the head and shoulders of a person, as well as the rest of the body. Just as the emotional body is a finer substance than the etheric, so too is the mental body comprised of a finer energetic substance than the emotional and etheric bodies. It emanates about 3 to 8 inches from the physical body but can expand when the person is engaging thought processes more intensely. Like the etheric body layer, it is structured. Within this body thought forms are visible. These shapes are also layered with various other colors which are emanations of the emotional body. The emotional body colors indicate the emotion that is attached to the thought form. When a thought is very focused and well formed, to the sight of someone with highly developed perception, these thought forms appear clearer. This clues us into the reality of how our thoughts become forms in our auric field which eventually trickle down in effect into our other bodily layers and thus our physical life. 

The Astral Body: Fourth Layer– The fourth body of the auric field is a hub of transformation and transition. The lower three chakras and auric bodies are associated with the processes and functional energies of life in the physical world. The upper three chakras and auric bodies are oriented to our experiences and processes in the non-physical world. The heart center and the corresponding astral body, therefore, are the door through which the physical and nonphysical self are connected. The astral body is amorphous in form and, like the emotional body, hosts multicolored clouds of light in constant motion. It extends about one half to one foot from the physical body. These colors are more beautiful than the ones found in the emotional body and are also combined with a rose color associated with the state of love that is attributed to the heart chakra and love consciousness. This auric body is the one in which much non-physical interaction happens between people. To those with clairvoyant sight, auric phenomena can be observed between people appearing as blobs of color moving back and forth between people, often even when the people do not physically appear to be interacting. Perhaps if there is attraction or conflict between two people, these circumstances can be seen by the energy forms moving between the two people.  

The Etheric Template Body: Fifth Layer– The etheric template body extends one and one half to two feet from the body. According to Brennan it is essentially the template which informs the etheric layer, which is in turn the blueprint on which the physical body forms. So at the etheric layer of the aura, a template exists which looks exactly like the physical body- in fact it is the defining principle in the structure of the physical body, and in the same way, the etheric template body is the overarching informant of the etheric body. At the etheric template level (which also correlates to the throat chakra, governing voice, sound, and creation) is where sound creates matter. Brennan describes it as such, “the etheric template level of the aura creates an empty or negative space in which the first or etheric level of the aura can exist. The etheric template is the template for the etheric body, which then forms the grid structure (structured energy field) upon which the physical body grows. Thus, the etheric template level of the universal energy field contains all the shapes and forms that exist on the physical plane, except on the template level. These forms exist in negative space, creating an empty space in which the etheric grid structure grows and upon which all physical manifestation exists.”  

The Celestial Body: Sixth Layer– The celestial body, corresponding to the third eye chakra, is the center through which we experience ecstatic states of consciousness and universal love. It is the emotional body of the spiritual plane. Whereas the astral body and heart chakra are where love for humanity manifests, the celestial body, when connected to the astral body, is where a sense of universal unconditional love is realized. It is the point at which we remember our oneness with source, the light, and all existence. This layer is about two to two and three quarters feet around the body and is less dense and defined than the etheric template body. It is an emanation of gold-silver shine in an array of pastel type colors and has a light quality like the glow around a candle. 

The Ketheric Template or Causal Body: Seventh Layer– The ketheric template body extends from about two and a half to three and a half feet around the body and encompasses a strong egg-like structure which allows the ketheric template to contain and protect all other bodies in the auric field. This layer is the last auric layer of the human energy body layers which is directly associated with a person’s life path in their current body incarnation. There are levels beyond the ketheric template, however they are associated more so with the ‘cosmic plane’- meaning that they are expansive beyond the scope of just the one physical life perspective. This auric body is like a resilient egg of extremely fast moving threads of golden light. The pulsations of these golden threads of light are so fast that it could appear, to clairvoyant senses, to shimmer. It holds the entire form of the aura together. This body facilitates the perspective of consciousness of knowing we are one with creator. It also contains imprints related to past lives and to the specific past lives being dealt with in the current incarnation. It is the mental body of the spiritual plane.  

As antennae between realms, we are affected by the energy we are immersed in.

I drove to the wilderness, to the hot springs, for a bath and wrap. So lovely. A 45 minute drive up, a half hour soak and a half hour wrap. Heavenly. I drove back the long way, the wooded, winding road way. This joy ride took about 1.5 hours. I experienced 2 hours of bliss, peace, tranquility. As soon as I neared the city, negative thoughts began to fill my mind. I thought, what is this all about? I’ve just been in heaven for over 2 hours! Then it dawned on me, I was ‘picking up’ on the vibrations, the thought frequencies, of those in the city.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, our thoughts contribute to the greater whole, the reality we find ourselves in. The only way to adjust this experience is to go within, to be aware of ones own energy, thought patterns and actions, and consciously get into the flow … and allow the negative to move through the bodies rather than tense up, hold it or take action in its regard.

Release it to the earth for cleansing.

Choose a more harmonious way to be in the world.

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