Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

It is a precious thing.

So often it is not realized that love requires a certain circumstance in order to flourish.

Much like a garden, it must have proper care and nutrient …. love in, love out. Abuse in, defense out.

Too many times an abuser expects love to be born out of a beating, mental trauma, and a large amount of neglect.

I am impressed by this because it seems to be increasing …. abuse in, expecting a good crop of love to be received.

The gardener gets what he puts in.

It isn’t up to the plant to grow big and strong when the gardener spits on it expecting it to be sufficient water for growth.

Love must always attempt to extract itself so that it can replenish itself …. it is sad that ‘plants’ simply cannot get up and walk away.

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