Forward Momentum

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

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New Moon: July 20
Mars Rx pre-shadow: July 25
Mercury in shadow until July 26
Galactic New Year: July 26
Venus in shadow until July 28

Already feeling the purifying waters of tomorrow’s Cancer New Moon. This will clear entanglements that no longer serve and anything blocking our next steps forward. Expect volatile and explosive emotions and purging of anger and sadness. It’s all serving to heal, but it’s messy!

Starting to gain slow forward momentum with Mercury Direct, but with the Moon waning to New Moon on the 20th, energy levels can be low. We’ll start to integrate the eclipse energy now and gain some clarity. July gives a good window to finish up old projects and begin new ones.

Long Galactic cycles closing out, releasing the past in a big way. Major history detox as the entire planet goes through a purging of old energy of the past couple thousand years. Take it easy and heal. Launch points on the New Moon on the 20th, & Galactic New Year on the 26th.

New Moon and Sun will oppose Saturn, as Jupiter is still conjunct Pluto, so there is a strong karmic completion and transformation with this New Moon. It’s not the easiest energy, but keep moving forward. Many are being triggered onto entirely new life paths. Reality checks!

There is some powerful energy coming in for the New Moon to anchor new timelines, but don’t get too comfortable in your Tower. The week of the 25-31 is non-stop collapse of our old timelines, and it will get bumpy. Use your time wisely…

New Moon & Sun opposing Saturn is clearing big karmic lines in our ancestry, bloodlines, and soul groups. This is heavy energy to clear from the body, especially in Root & Heart chakras. Situations often mirror the past so we can revisit them from our new perspective. Patience!


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