I Think My Eagle Is Pissed

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Driving along in the early afternoon of the day I noticed a home which had the front window filled with hearts. I decided right away I needed to do that. I wrote messages on my side of the heart, intentions for what I want more of, and what I’m inspired by. I filled the entire window.

As I was behind the furniture applying the hearts to the window, I tripped and lost my balance falling into my eagle statue, tipping it and breaking the wing.

I googled how to repair a cement statue and found epoxy is needed, so I just ordered some. Yet in the mien time, from where I sit on my couch, the eagle stares at me.

I ask it, “What, Freedom? I’ve got epoxy on order …”

I think my eagle is pissed.

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