A Real Coup ~ Switchback

Published December 31, 2019 by tindertender

Humankind has been cut off from their direct command of the aether due to very complex implants that have been designed into their hybrid bodies by beings with enormous knowledge of creationary codes and geometric templates.

Which are able to erase certain abilities that you had originally been born with.

Even if you are here “officially” under contract as an Angelic Human, and not one of the many different “visitors” now evolving next to you under the Co-Evolution BioRegenesis Treaty of Palaidor which offer the promise of universal ascension out of this Time Matrix, you are still inside of an artificial human-like Avatar, and all of you share the very same “alien” implants that cut you off from knowing how to do anything more than walk around, bumping into things, wondering what is going on because of it.

They have handed you a phonetic language that further removes mankind from this command, backed up with an alphabet that reverses what the aether hears when you speak it, when you think those words, or when you write them down on paper or your screen.

The aether literally cannot hear you.

Then of course they put into place hundreds of different, highly precise programs that further widen the gap between your abilities and your access to them.

By controlling your media, your religion, your news, and your schools, they are able to make humans believe they are nothing more than talking monkeys.

And the reason for all this tremendous effort they have gone to, is because the true powers that had been placed inside of the Avatar of humans was so vast compared to their natural abilities, that if you were ever to wake up from your dream-state, and learn how to stand once again within harmony of the power of god-source, there would be absolutely no way they would ever be able to control your masses to continue to harvest you for unending free energy and free income.




My own, recent affirmation of this truth ::


The question is, “How do we get around it?”

I for one do not desire to go around talking crap so the Aether understands I mean it’s polar opposite.

What If….. the more we say we do not want something, the Aether hears that we DO want it?

It would explain the horrors being shoved in our faces on a daily basis, to which we rebel …. and say NO More!

Is this actually a sick and twisted game the majority of us have not been trained how to play?


It is these (above link) nanobots Elon musk is using to integrate the human mind to AI

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