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The Color Orange

Published September 14, 2019 by tindertender

Driving home the other day after work I passed some roadside construction workers. They wore bright orange t-shirts, very vibrant, and I thought, “Why is it these construction workers wear the same color as some prisoners jumpsuits?” The obvious answer is for visibility, but could it be something else?

Some say the color orange signifies a ‘warning’.

Could it be that the materials used by construction workers pose a significant hazard?

Nonsense Making Sense

Published December 14, 2017 by tindertender

Just Ask

It doesn’t have to make sense, any of it. Those who are doing the best they are able, with care not to harm others, are bathing in honor. This invisible bath often goes unrecognized by the bather, and unmentioned by those who notice it.

Often times when good deeds are seen, they are not commented on, for when too much attention is given to them, those who do little, look bad. (Now) and when I was younger I would come into a job and work so hard. I was fast and accurate, giving 110% and put all of my focus and ability to whatever task was at hand, always pushing myself. A co-worker once drew me aside and told me to slow down, that I was making the group look bad. I thought silently that this was just the way it would be, for I did not have it in me to be less, so that others, resting in this mode, would look better. I still don’t.

There are many people who are comfortable in a state of mediocrity. They want to put forth minimal effort while reaping the reward for success. The issue with this, is that while less is being done, more people need to be hired, hence, there goes opportunity for wage increases and promotion. Hard work is beneficial to all who are willing to team up and get it done.

All pieces of the puzzle, whichever format it may take, are crucial to the end result, none being more important than the other. So while it may sometimes make no sense at all, stepping back and looking at the larger picture, the beauty of it is apparent at all times.

Slow Motion Dancers

Published October 29, 2017 by tindertender

The Power of the human body, when in tune is amazing to see.
The Power of the human mind when in practice, is awesome to experience.

The beautiful forms this high and vital energy takes needs care, and a meticulous effort. Harmonious and healthy thoughts require steady work to produce on a continual basis. The fitness of mind, visualized in the wonderful form of the bodies of these dancers, is phenomenal.

Fine tuning our lives depends on the energy we put into it. Unless there is a willingness to improve, improvement cannot be.

Working Mans Death

Published April 1, 2017 by tindertender


… “Experts in the industry have already pointed out, repeatedly, that the coal jobs are extremely unlikely to come back. The plight of the coal industry is more a function of changing energy markets and increased demand for natural gas than anything else …

… Another largely overlooked point about coal jobs is that there just aren’t that many of them relative to other industries. There are various estimates of coal-sector employment, but according to the Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns program, which allows for detailed comparisons with many other industries, the coal industry employed 76,572 people in 2014, the latest year for which data is available …

… The point isn’t that coal jobs don’t matter — they matter to the people who have them and to the communities they support, especially as they typically pay far more than do jobs in the retail and service industries, But if you’re looking to make a meaningful increase in the number of jobs available to U.S. workers, bringing back coal jobs isn’t going to do it.” …

Affliction … It is a daunting dilemma

Published January 3, 2017 by tindertender

Affliction … It is a daunting dilemma.

For 14 years I have been having an experience. First, I thought God must want me to suffer, because obviously I was living out my own willful, run-away train type of steam roller existence. Until I hit a brick wall, that is.

Over time, I have fought, I have prayed, I have given up hope. Today, still I pray, and I recognize that it is not I who has power to control, and every experience is a necessary step into becoming our full potential. This experience has taught me that there is indeed a purpose. What exactly that is I can only hypothesize.

If you are suffering and questioning the meaning of it all, perhaps it will help a little to read my views, had just recently.

~ Nothing happens without the consent of the One with authority.
~ These conditions are allowed only because they are for benefit.
~ Strength is built through adversity.

Every day is an opportunity to look this  adversity straight in the face and say,

“I will be strong. I will be kind. I will practice making peace from the storm, and I will assist in the unveiling of the cloud that covers minds, even mine. Those that attempt to create doubt in me will be met with a surety that I recognize the opportunity in their actions, and I will see if this behavior resides in me. If so, I will transform it into something that brings a gentle reminder that it is okay to be transparent, vulnerable, and open to judgement. In the face of torment, whether it be in the mind, or in a slave-like labor, I will persist, and I will work to capacity, and then I will push on through and continue.”

We hear that runners and sports enthusiasts of various types, say that it is not a common thing for people to understand they have a second wind, for they never push past the first.

Let us push past this, and on into the future, where hope, and love … for self and for others … dwells. Where the possibility and the awesome plan for wide spread peace is, and let us be part of seeing the success in that plan.

We begin in our own hearts and minds. We look deep into what it is that makes us respond the way we do. If we are in disagreement with this, in the center of our being, we will alter the way we do things. We will be the example of what we believe good and kind people are.

We will withstand the storm, we will walk into the wind, we will prevail against all odds … we will hold love in our hearts and we will forgive the perceived wrongs ~ we will take from every experience the blessing of a lesson and we will turn it into a golden opportunity, to be utilized for the betterment not only of self, but of mankind … of the world.

New art, new plans.

Published June 26, 2016 by tindertender

Dreams are heavy, and I wake to stop them. I  am awake and it is not even 2am yet. This has become typical, and a good nights rest would be a gift, however, it does not seem to be for me.

feather tattooNew body art I received last night. Very fine lines and a beautiful Peacock feather! I will most likely need to avoid a bra for awhile, or for always … good excuse.

Today I believe I will make art for the spare bedroom I put together yesterday. It was a lot of work, but it is done now.

My pups are still in bed. They think I’m crazy for getting up so early! Yes, the bed is cozy and warm.

So, the next tattoo I get will be bigger and full of detail, however, this was expensive, and although he did a fabulous work, I might need to search around a little  more before getting the next one.

I found a cork board in one of the old rooms. I took it out of the frame, painted it metallic gray and black. I need to seal the paint and then screw into an area for necklace hanging and separation. I think this will help keep the tangling of chains to a minimum.


Overtime pay ~ debate, or law?

Published June 5, 2016 by tindertender

Well, I think that when I eat lunch at my desk, working though it as most days is done, I will be claiming that hour as overtime, including the 1/2 hour I usually arrive early for the day.

This action, coinciding with my recent accident issue, may cause a ripple affect that is not going to be wanted. But, rights are rights, and I will not sit back and work for free any longer. I have an hour available for lunch, however when I leave my desk and am not available, some get annoyed, since we work in a high paced business and timing is everything.

I hope this new law will help many of you gain what you have worked for. You deserve it, your time is valuable and precious, and no one owns your time but you. Should you choose to spend your time at a certain job, that is you spending your time, and it deserves reimbursement, however that may appear.

You are worth it. Your knowledge is valuable. Your time is precious.

Remember that …..

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