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Dental Visit Surprise

Published February 10, 2018 by tindertender

Nitric oxideI went to the dentist today, they offered nitric oxide. I had never had it before, so said, “Sure! I’ll take that.” I sat there in my chair and my whole body had a tingling sensation, somewhat numb … it felt pretty good. I said to myself, “Thanks, doc! I just hope it isn’t permanent!” Sitting here now, I know why some people choose to do drugs … they just want to feel better.

That makes no one a ‘bad’ person.

It’s amazing the perspective a person gets about stuff while ‘under the influence’. The connection we have with each other becomes more clear, even though so many people are in complete denial of it.

I was warned that this could hurt once the Novocaine wears off. The first try didn’t ‘cure’ so it had to be removed and done again. Apparently this tooth will do better with a cap … that will come in the future. I wait now for what she warned me of.

I am just happy that I can go to the dentist, so many are not able to afford it. My hope is that soon all the work will be done and that, will be that. (I’ve been saying this my whole life.) I’ll be dead soon enough …

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