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Language … Much More Than Intension

Published August 9, 2019 by tindertender

I just caught myself saying,”No … God!”

And then I thought, it doesn’t really matter about the pause, or the situation, or the frustration, or any of that …. because the phrase remains “no god”.

I wonder how many people in this world are chanting “no god” without even realizing it? Could this be part of the programming which has made spiritual connection difficult in this world?

I think so.

Spirit is very literal.

It takes what you say seriously, and if you are requesting “no god” … guess what you are creating?

Healthy reminder to self.

If it resonates with you, then I am glad because that means you are paying attention.

“That ain’t me!”

… isn’t even proper … check it out!

Ain’t … what in the heck does it even stand for? Am not? No … is not? No… it’s a useless word meaningless… which people throw around a lot.

And guess what? The Universe has NO idea!!!! What in the heck your trying to tell it! Get specific and toss out the crap slang if you want to rise spiritually with benevolent connection.

Speaking Up and Shutting Up

Published April 4, 2019 by tindertender

Some folks think that by sharing a “message” they’ve allowed themselves to be used, or manipulated by others. I suppose in a sense it is true. Perhaps it is also true that humanity has more of a “herd mentality” than they care to admit.

If you’re out there trying to get people to see Manipulation, your ‘message’ may be better received if you do not start your conversations with slander and attack. I suppose this is all some folks know though. No one needs to listen to an asshat they’ve never met.

There’s a BIG difference between stating this fact, and visiting another’s site and actually calling them, personally, an asshat … which is the whole point I speak of.

That being said, I’ll zip it … for now.

Where Is Sunshine When I Need Her?

Published February 27, 2019 by tindertender

I have seen the devil outside my window, laughing, dancing. I have heard his minions swearing like sailors, calling me every foul name I’ve ever known. I called it Twilight Zone at the time, but it sure seemed like hell.

Today I got frustrated by the constant complaining of a particular person who I see every day. In my mind I must have called him a whiny little bitch at least 10 times. As I drove home I was dismayed as I realized I sounded just like those others, in Twilight Zone, or hell … whatever you want to call it, and it is depressing to know we sounded exactly the same in that moment of time this day.

I want to be a nice person, I try to be every day … not for reward, but because I am not comfortable hurting others with words, or actions. Allowing that behavior in my own life disturbs me.

Thoughts are powerful and need not be vocalized to influence people, places and things … they determine our life, and our future.

I spoke of it when I got home, and someone I care about told me, “You should go meditate or something”, and he’s right, I should.

I know for a fact there are at least two worlds beyond our own. One in which thousands upon thousands, and more speak as nasty, angry shadow dwellers who would love nothing more than to rip the guts out of a person. Then there are the others, who love and work earnestly to assist mankind, helping to clear the nasty’s away, while encouraging people to be the best they can be.

I know these things for I have been there, experienced them first hand. Many people have, and many people have chosen to end their own lives because of the hell they found themselves in, or they harm others.

Now, all that aside, I am grateful for this experience, but moments like today have me a little worried that I might have to spend an eternity with these foul ones. I look within and I wonder just how nasty does a person have to be to get sent to hell, or … how good must they be to be allowed in a peaceful place?

When the body quits us, when our consciousness is no longer contained by body and our thoughts cannot be shielded from others attention, where do you think you will go? To dwell with those who wish harm, or speak of it, or with the peacemakers, the lovers who live peacefully beyond time?

I’m sure I am not the only one with this experience, and I’m certain I’m not the only one who thinks of these things.

Sowing Seeds

Published November 18, 2017 by tindertender

Driving along the highway, enjoying the sunny day, I see ahead of me on the side of the road a form. Upon nearing it I see it was once a Shepard dog, or something similar. I know animals are getting hit and killed all of the time, but this one struck me close to the heart, for I am a dog lover. (I love all animals, don’t get me wrong, but I sleep with dogs every night.) As I was alone on this journey, I internalized the scene, I tried to push it to the back of my mind but it kept swimming into my inner sight.

A couple hours later I arrived home to take a friend on a necessary trip to the store. On the way back from there, I spilled the beans, I described to a tee what had been rolling around in my head.


I sit here now, and I wonder why it is that there seems to be no solution from the spinning of negative, hurtful, or downright disturbing scenes, phrases and events but for the release of them out into the world, laid upon the minds and eyes of others.

There they go, now this scene is in their mind, lessened perhaps, for they did not actually see it, but the description is there, and we all know how detailed the mind can be when reading a book, or hearing a story.

If only there were a way not to put this type of thing into the world, while still releasing and letting go. It truly is not my desire or wish to propagate unpleasantness. When I sit and feel the life of me, those visions and thoughts still spin, they do so until I let them go.

As a younger lady, I journaled. I wrote down every nasty thing I wanted to say to some jerk, I spewed the emotional hurt or anger on paper. I would sometimes make it a letter and seal it in an envelope, putting on a stamp. (Letting it sit for a week before tearing it up). That was a great release and no one needed to wear it afterward … until the day someone decided they wanted to read my journals, which they ‘found’. They were hurt, because some of the things in there were telling of the pain I felt by some of their actions and the way I experienced it. I stopped journaling.

I began to harbor these things inside, and then they began to overflow into the world, and they were ugly, more ugly than anything I could have put on paper.

Now days I am not angry, but still, the disturbing scenes similar to this afternoon, and the pain I see inflicted in the world are still there, roaming around in my mind. I blog about some of them … but there again, they get all over everyone who takes the time to read them.

I see there really is a need for quiet, personal reflection and release. For in talking aloud, or typing on social media of any kind, it grows in the minds of others. So I consider yet again …

What seeds do I want to sow in this world?



Connotation ~ Verbal Manipulation

Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

Connotation ~ What does it mean to you?

Word Power

I am pretty darn tired of manipulation. The play on words has been going on for generations, those who wish to pull peoples strings are very good at it by now.

It really is too bad. Both in the sense that it is ‘too’ bad, and also that it is sad, very sad indeed. It is a shame that skilled folks choose to utilize their talents to cause harm in the psyche of other people. This choice makes them too bad.

This isn’t my own opinion, however it is one that I agree with wholeheartedly. Having been on the receiving end of those who practice these ‘talents’ I know what it does, I know the hearts of those who do it.

Unfortunately, there are those who have chosen to manipulate in order to feel powerful. A twisted sense of what power means is surely skewed in their minds, and I do not believe they have the ability to see clearly, so immersed in the work of pulling strings in order to gain … whatever it is they think they need.

I find that I am sorry for them, yet I also know they do not deserve this from me. That is wasted energy on those who haven’t the desire to make a change in their actions which would cause less harm in the world.

While I retract this compassion from them, I focus on building my own reserves, for there is much work to be done … the world needs an ample healing, and it begins in each heart that is aware, and desires to be part of it.

The Duty We Owe One Another

Published July 10, 2017 by tindertender

Bill Clinton Apology to human experiment victims.


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