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Rats, Ants, Snails, and Spiders

Published February 8, 2019 by tindertender

The ants are inside. It must be real cold out there for them, and they must be real hungry. Weird I have not seen any spiders. I wonder where they go in the winter … under ground? But this is where the ants usually are and they prefer inside lately it seems. The rats must be having a hard time of it. The neighbors have hired Orkin, hope they are trapping and not poisoning.

Periodically my dogs will find little bones in the yard. I wonder what they belong to and how they got there. I imagine a nocturnal animal is feasting on something out there in the middle of the night.

I went to the wood ‘shed’ to bring in some wood and saw huge rat turds on the top pieces. Seriously, they reminded me of the deer poop I used to see in the woods while living there.

Trials of the city … rodents and small critters sharing space. In the wilderness it’s more like deer, elk, bear and cougar. Honestly, I prefer the wilderness for those who dwell there are not real fond of sharing space … at least this is how it used to be. Any more, with the burning of forests and the death of the critters living there, there simply is not enough food for the larger animals to hunt. And when they come to the city looking for a meal, they are killed … just like the ants šŸœ , the rats šŸ€ , and the snails šŸŒ and spiders šŸ•· and whatever other bugs there might be.

Well, I am still excited for the snow ā„ļø and look forward to an early morning with 4″ of it and a cozy fire to sit by while I watch my dogs warm up after running and playing in it. I am so glad this is happening on the weekend and not during the week … not that it will end here. It’s going to be lovely having a couple days to just relax and enjoy it.

Water/Snow Testing

Published February 22, 2018 by tindertender

What's in your water
I found a company that will test my snow sample. I’m taking it in this morning. Cost? $102.00, and another $40 to test forĀ Pseudomonas: fluorescents and aeruginosa. I’ll post about the results when I receive them.

Until then, be wise, distill your water, don’t drink from plastic which seeps chemicals into the water. Protect your cells.

Water Test Push Back

Published February 20, 2018 by tindertender

jar of snowI collected snow and called a water testing facility here in my home city. Before I could even say what I wanted to test for I was told it would cost thousands of dollars to test, and I was not given a list of frequently tested items to choose from. I sent a list of chemicals I wanted to test for and was not contacted in return.

It is apparent who this particular testing facility is working for, and it is not the people. They could care less what people are being contaminated with … it is their job to maintain the smoke screen.

I will search for another facility. Perhaps I will work out a way to slip the sample in and get the screen results I want so that I can use them to inform myself better about what is there, and then share it with you.

Working toward solutions, willing to pay for professional and accurate testing. Now to find a lab that is based on integrity and morals.

Surprise Free Time In The Snow

Published January 11, 2017 by tindertender

Ah yes, the wonderment of stressful driving. I crept along with hazard lights flashing, daring the odds so that I might make it to work for my shift. I am nearly there, about to hop from one freeway to the next on this journey when I seeĀ a huge neon digital sign over-head … It reads “All Vehicles Must Use Chains“.

Great! I say to myself. It would have been nice to know, although I do not own chains for this vehicle.Ā  I brave the elements, still, as I have come too far to turn back now. I make it to work, no awful tragic events, however, NO ONE was there. IĀ reached out to the General Manager and the Operations Manager … Is anyone coming? I was toldĀ I was to have called toĀ company-wide inclement weather number for possible messages, then I was told that the message for our particular facility was recorded at 6:20am. I was well on the road at that time, regardless.

I turn around, quite happy I now know that this vehicle doesĀ very well in the snow, at least better than those in the ditch, or stuck along side the road. I looked forward to coming back home.

Ah yes. Back into comfy clothes, two dogs in my lap, candles glowing, fireplace burning logs, incense and music. How sweet it is. Now I believe I’ll find a recipe for sweet potato pie, or something yummy I do not have to leave the house for.

When I arrived home, I called, and texted all from work and family, that I hadĀ made it back home safe. My longest known, and dearest friend called me an idiot. He said, “All you have to do is watch the news.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately I guess in this case, I gave up watching that BS a long time ago. If, or when, this happens again, I’ll hang out for a bit, remembering to call the hotline, and be late if necessary.

It certainly is beautiful.

The Soul Knows

Published December 16, 2016 by tindertender

Image result for pictures of falling snow

The snow falls. The streets have become packed and white, slippery as temperatures fall into the evening.

I sit, home now, in front of the fire, two pups in my lap, candle light fills the room and I hear the snap crackle of the wood popping. The smoke ofĀ  incense burning passes by my face every now and again. I drink my home brewed tea, naturally decaffeinated. ItĀ tastes unique asĀ it isĀ blended from bulk herbs and woods and flowers.

I relax into the night, hoping I will rise in the morning to see a fresh blanket of snow, without footprints or tire tracks. I am comforted knowing there will be no where to go, of being settled in for two days, and ponder what I will fill my time with.

Who am I? I wonder at this, as I wait for the time to come when all knowledge I have collected will be put to work, when the task I have been born for comes to be. What is it? Whatever it is, it requires stamina, endurance, an attitude of fortitude, never giving up and pushing through challenges, all the while practicing a calm demeanor and the ability to forgive quickly and not hold grudges. It must be, for these things have been a constant practice thus far. Every day I find myself challenged to hold that peace of mind and the unwillingness to put harmful energies into the world, forcing those in my vicinity to don the garments of negativity that may emanateĀ from me. No, I would rather shareĀ the warmthĀ of peace, unseen, but felt.

Image result for pictures of group hug

I think of those in North Dakota. It seems quieter now, it is very cold there. The massive eye opening that occurred due to the stance taken seems almost unreal, yet there is no going back, many have awakened to the reality, the wool has been lifted from our faces.

So ~ now what. Do we wait? Of course we do, what other options are there? Let us continue to be aware, to observe events taking place, to be watchful of signs.

Let us be ready for the seemingly unexpected, although our soul knows exactly what’s coming.



It Snowed Today

Published December 8, 2016 by tindertender

Image result for pictures of snow

It snowed today.

Last night was very restless and I got out of bed at 1am. I heard a loud BOOM and then the power went out. I waited until 5:30am and contacted my supervisor to let him know there was no heat or power and I did not want to leave my practically hairless dog in the cold.

It was fortunate I was here, because even after 1,098 peoples power was restored there were still 2 that were not, this house was one of them. The other house was up the street from me. There are transformer power poles behind both homes, which blew half their power. If I had not been home, it would have been too late to have power restored by the time I arrived from work. Finally at 2:30pm power was back up.

I got to thinking about what I need to do to be prepared more fully should this happen again. Winter has only begun, and chances are with the weather being so whacky, it could very well happen.

I make a mental list, I should probably write it down.

Take care everyone. I wish you well and safe.

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