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Message from the Universe

Published April 28, 2016 by tindertender

Nothing is left to chance. The choreography of players and circumstances in your world are plotted with mind-numbing precision.

Gigantic forces of attraction are activated and engaged. The odds for your inevitable success begin skyrocketing. And every second of every day is calibrated and recalibrated…

whenever you remember to visualize.

Who loves you?

The Universe

Mission of The Bride of Christ and its huge significance

Published April 18, 2016 by tindertender

I have talked about Adam & Eve in previous posts. Eve was tempted by Satan and she sinned. Satan seduced her and she bore his son, the evil one; Cain. God’s plan for the Garden of Eden was to be Heaven on Earth. So, by her act of sin and defiance of God’s warning to her not to eat from the tree of knowledge, she brought sin onto earth and therefore brought sin onto all humanity through the seed of Satan which he’d planted in her through impregnating her. I talked about the blood that Eve shed, as a virgin after having sex with Lucifer ( The Devil) in the post about the ‘Truth about Adam & Eve’ that was the blood that brought sin on Earth and tarnished it.

I also talked in previous article about how Jesus who was Adam re-manifested shed His blood to wash Eve’s sin. Through His blood, humanity would again have the chance for salvation and therefore Eternal Life, the same Eternal Life AKA Tree of Life that through Eve’s sin was taken away.

She was His First and only divine love. He did it to save her (Mary Magdalene, Eve) but would everyone else be saved yet? Not yet. That’s why He told her at the tomb when she saw He has been resurrected: “Don’t cling to me,” Jesus said, “for I haven’t yet ascended to the Father. But go find my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’”

I explain what He meant by this in previous article. He was telling her, work was not complete yet. He will see her again, but first He needed to go to Heaven and prepare a place. But she also needed to do something to complete the Salvation of believers.

Mary was Eve as I’ve mentioned before. She sinned, and therefore Eternal Life was taken away from the rest too. Adam came back as Jesus and shed His blood to save her, and bring Salvation through Him. But in order for everyone else to be saved, she would need to realize what her mission as the Bride of Christ would be when she manifested in the last days.

The Devil never left Eve, it never left Mary Magdalene either.  Why was Satan so determined? This takes us to the last days, our day now. We are indeed in the last days. Satan wanted to do what he did to Eve, to the last manifestation of Eve in the last days, to once again defy God and play God. Satan wanted to seduce the Bride of Christ yet again in the last days, to then rule with her as her being the anti Christ.

Here’s the first clue: 2 Thessalonians 2; Paul is warning the people that the Lord’s return won’t be until the Anti Christ is revealed, and great tribulation begins. However, in order for the Anti Christ to be revealed; “the one holding it back will have to step away”

This was a way for the disciples to warn ahead, INCASE Bride of Christ didn’t wake up to her true self and mission and instead was taken in by Satan again. So that if she did rise up as the anti Christ the true believers would know it is false. Because she is indeed The One holding back the anti Christ, IF she is not tempted, otherwise she will be the anti Christ. It’s like a sliding doors situation!

This is clear in the book of Revelation, when we see both alternate endings cleverly written in the bible. The Great Prostitute; the woman dressed in red who is drunk on the blood of the holy men that were witness to Jesus. Remember I mentioned about the blood of Christ which He shed to save her. But in this alternate scenario, she didn’t save herself and therefore she didn’t save all of the other holy people. Hence she was drunk on the blood of the holy people.

Here’s the other alternate scenario in the book of Revelation: Praise the Lord! For the Lord Almighty reigns! Let us be glad and rejoice and let us give honor to Him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb. His wife has prepared herself and has been given the purest and finest white linen to wear.” Rev 19:7-8

The white linen here means she has washed herself in the blood of Christ and came out pure and clean, and saved. Therefore ALL other holy people, the true church of Christ and believers were automatically saved also.

It was Eve that ruined the beginning of the story, so it would make sense that SHE had to be the one who saved everyone at the end. If she doesn’t; God’s wrath will come upon her alongside all other ungodly people. This is why the 144,000 of God’s people have to go through the great tribulation as written in Revelation and die and then because they stayed true to Christ, be saved. Because she didn’t save them! If she does, there won’t be a great tribulation and the end will come one day after her rapture. Only one day? Yes, Lord says, a day is to a thousand years, as a thousand years to a day. He also makes a direct reference in the book of Revelation that the Fall of Babylon alongside the whore (AKA Bride of Christ who didn’t save herself) in just one day. However, before that one day, if she does save herself and the holy ones and they are raptured, they will spend one day, or rather thousand years in heaven and then return to earth for the final judgement. But that thousand years in heaven, will be just one day for earth.

That’s why the ending of the bible which is the book of Revelation seems like a story to be continued… Because it would be up to the free will of the Bride of Christ to realize her mission and until the last days came, and it was known which way she would go, it couldn’t be finished.

See it as a love story, a story of true love, of betrayal, sacrifice, hope for redemption and all in all the meaning of life.

Will true love prevail?



YES YES YES True love will prevail! (added by tindertender)

I Tell You The Truth

Published April 10, 2016 by tindertender

Listening to a variety of songs this morning, pulling from here and there, this is the message that arrived.

I’ve come to tell you the truth. You’ve always had the proof of it … You know that I love you … there’s nothing to gain.

A long hard road is ahead. You need to know, everything’s going to be alright.

Calm down. Pretending will get us nowhere. It’s a choice now. Say anything you want if it makes you feel better.

It’s going to be okay ….

Believe me, your heart and soul will bring you through, stay with me. Don’t play with time, get ready now. I’ll be listening.

I have been waiting for you.  Now’s the time to step into faith. Everyone is beautiful.

Looking at you straight in the eye. One by one, no one is a stranger.




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